level 90 talents

90 Draenei Death Knight
which talent is best for a blood tank? I've read them all and they all seem kinda lame
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90 Goblin Death Knight
It's basically up to choice. Here's why I chose what I chose.

-Roiling Blood, saves a blood rune and has no cooldown. Blood also has a proc to make the next blood boil/d&d free, pretty decent for rune management.

- Purgatory, lol come on. If you keep an eye on your health, which you will be if you're close to death, you can seriously save yourself with this talent. I had a newbie group just last night wipe on Ripsnarl because they weren't killing the steams. I had to solo him from 40% health, this talent saved me at 10%.

- Death's Advance, great for movement. Moving 10% faster passively in blood presence and getting a small sprint has saved me a couple of times. It's fantastic.

- It's a big heal that consumes no resources at all and I don't think it's on the GCD either. Just brilliant.

- Blood Tap is amazing, you can bank 10 charges up for when you really need a death strike. It's like runic empowerment, but with more control. And you can have both blood runes on cooldown too, in fact, I try to game it so that my bloods turn into death runes.
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90 Draenei Death Knight
Err.. That wasn't exactally what I was talking about ><
I was talking about your three final talents when you hit level 90.. Like.. Which one would you pick? As I said, they seem kinda lame
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90 Goblin Death Knight
Well, to be fair, you were really vague.

For me, I'm probably gonna use gorefiend's grasp. Think of it as an aoe death grip without the taunt. /drool
I'm going to macro it like this.

/cast [nomod] [target=player] gorefiend's grasp
/cast [mod:shift] gorefiend's grasp

I do love my positioning.
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