Mists of pandaria: Zone map & Dungeon Guides

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The levelling zones for 85-90 are:

•The Jade Forest 85-86
•The Valley of the Four Winds 86-88
•The Krasarang Wilds 86-88
•The Kun Lai Summit 87-89
•The Townlong Steppes 89-90
•The Dread Wastes 89-90

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90 Human Paladin
Mists of pandaria: Dungeon Boss Guide

Temple of the Jade Serpent (Level 85-86)
Wise Mari
The Wise Mari fight inside the Temple of the Jade Serpent takes form in two phases:

Phase 1 - First and foremost players should note that the water here should be avoided at all costs as it will cause the Corrupted Waters debuff which stacks Shadow damage on the player. During the first phase no damage will be able to be done to Wise Mari who will be encased in a Water Bubble. Mari will instead use the Call Water ability which summons Living Water Elementals which must be defeated. Along with the Elementals Mari will also cast Hydrolance which causes the waters surrounding her platform to churn and bubble up and cause damage to any nearby players. After taking down several of these Elementals phase two of the fight will activate.

Phase 2 - At the start of phase two Mari will cast Bubble Burst which knocks all players back. Be on your toes as Mari will cast Wash Away, a water spout which rotates around the room. A nod to the Lurker Below right in the middle of this Mists of Pandaria instance without a doubt. Mari cannot be tanked in this phase so players should focus on DPS and avoiding the water spray until Mari has been defeated.

Lorewalker Stonestep
The Trail of the Yongol
To defeat the boss, players must take equal time DPS both Strife and Anger keeping a watchful eye on the stacking Intensity buff. To help mitigate the fire damage here, players should switch to the second entity whenever a few stacks of this debuff are active. Continue to switch back and forth between the entities until one is dead then move to the remaining entity who will be relatively low on health at this point. Simply defeat the remaining entity to finish this encounter.
The Champion of the Five Suns
Simply DPS down each Sun as well as any Haunting Shas floating around and stay alive. As each Sun is extinguished it will turn into a Sha which will hover in the air. Once all Suns are defeated the second phase of the fight will be triggered.
Zao Sunseeker
Besides the pesky arrows, the fight with Zao is basically a tank and spank. Just DPS him down and heal through the damage to win this battle.

Liu Flameheart
Phase 1 - Basically a tank and spank fight, all players need to worry about in this phase is avoiding the waves which spawn at predictable locations from Liu. DPS Liu to 70% to transition into Phase 2.
Phase 2 - players will find themselves basically taking on the same fight except that Liu has now channeled the essence of the Jade Serpent to aid her in battle. Jade Dragon Strike absorbs 40k heals, Jade Dragon Kick dmg and knock back ability, Jade Dragon Wave creates trail of fire in 3 directions.
Phase 3 - Liu will put all nonsense aside and will enter a trance which will make her immune to attacks. She will then summon the Spirit of Yu’lon, a spirit dragon, to defend her. Yu’lon is, like Liu, a tank and spank fight with one exception. Yu’lon will cast Jade Fire, a ball of flame that targets a player and leaves a pool of Jade Fire at their location which causes large amounts of damage to any players in the flames. Don’t stand in the fire and continue DPS on Yu’lon and your victory will be assured.

Sha of Doubt
During the fight the Sha of Doubt will cast two rather nasty magic debuffs on players called Wither Will and Touch of Nothingness. Both these abilities will case large amounts of Shadow damage to the players they are cast upon and as such should be dispelled if possible. Besides this the Sha of Doubt has a melee attack that he will focus on whomever is taking him.

In this final boss fight players will find another nod to a boss in Serpentshrine; Leotheras the Blind. Every thirty seconds or so the boss will cast Figment of Doubt on the party. This ability will summon shadowy apparitions that must be killed before Gathering Doubt finishes, which will allow the boss to heal quite a large amount. Unlike the Leotheras fight, players can assist other players in defeating their apparitions, however, these shadowy figures are rather squishy and only the healer should find themselves challenged at all. Survive the apparitions and the Sha of Doubt’s magic to complete this instance.
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90 Human Paladin

Ook-Ook Monkey

Ground pound -use tanking cooldowns
Going Bananas -use healing Cooldowns ever 90% 60% 30% of bosses health
Rolling Barrel increased amount of barrels rolling on the floor at 90% 60% and 30% of bosses health just aviod the barrels to down the boss!

To put it simply, fighting Ook-Ook is a bit like playing Donkey Kong all over again. Avoid the barrels (or use them to your advantage) and live through the monkey rage to tidily defeat this boss.

Hoptallus Rabbit

Carrot breath -use tanking cooldown frontal cone with knock back
Furlwind - avoid the spinning bunny
Hoplings bite with small damage
Hoppers explode with barrel in there mouth
Boopers Hit you with hammer

While your group should focus on taking out all of the Vermin that invade the room, special attention should be given to the Boppers. When these Vermin are defeated their hammer will drop to the floor and then the fun begins. The hammer can be picked up by a player, who will be given three charges of the “Smash!” ability.

Yan-Zhu the Uncasked

ok, this is some kinda tiki demon with two faces and two different abilities.

Taking on the first face of Yan-Zhu players will find that it is all about the suds. In this fight Yan-Zhu will periodically summon forth Walls of Suds from two sides of the room. These walls must be jumped by the player, or they will inflict a hefty amount of damage and stun the player for 5 seconds. Don’t worry about making the jump though as all players will find themselves endowed with the “Sudsy” buff which allows them to jump extra high thanks to Yan-Zhu’s bubbly nature. However, most important during this fight are the Yeasty Brew Alementals that Yan Zhu will call to his aid. All DPS should move from the boss and focus on taking these nasty buggers out as they will heal the boss in large amounts the longer they are left alive. Also it is important to note that at least one player should be close to Yan-Zhu at all times or he will begin to cast Brew Bolts which inflict 30,000 Frost damage and increases magic damage taken by the target for 6 seconds.

In the second version of Yan-Zhu players will want to keep moving. Players who stand still two long will find themselves affected by Blackout Brew. This debuff inflicts 10,000 Frost damage and stacks 3 each time it is applied. Stacks can only be removed by moving and jumping. Stand still too long and let Blackout Brew reach 10 stacks and you will be stunned for 10 agonizing seconds. From time to time Yan-Zhu will cover himself with 8 small bubbles. These bubbles reduce Yan-Zhu’s damage taken by 10%. Take out these bubbles before resuming DPS on Yan-Zhu. In another show of bubbles Yan-Zhu will fill the room with bubbles using the Carbonation ability. During this time anyone on the ground will take periodic Frost damage as well as suffer from acute asphyxiation which will stop them from performing any actions. To prevent this, players should click on one of the floating bubbles and use it to fly away from the floor. After 20 seconds the bubbles will pop and players will be returned to the floor where they can continue the fight. Also as in the first instance of Yan-Zhu, one player should always remain close to Yan-Zhu to prevent him from sending out a flurry of Brew Bolts at your group.
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MOGU'SHAN PALACE (Level 87-89)

Trial of the King

This fight is fairly straight forward as you only need to deal with each of the mini-bosses one at a time, and since there are three of them for the encounter Blizzard left them with fairly simple mechanics. The order in which you must fight them is random, so it may not be as they are listed in this guide, simply adjust as required.

When dealing with Kuai the important things to realize are for the tank to face him away from the group so that they are not hit with the shockwave and that the pet has no aggro table. This means that DPS should deal with the pet first so that it isn’t attacking and stunning the healer. Once the pet is dead the fight becomes much easier.

When dealing with Mining it is all about getting out of the whirlwind and avoiding the whirling dervishes. Overall it is fairly simple and straight forward fight.

Last of the three is Haiyan and there are two ways to deal with him. The first involves everyone other than the tank grouping up so that no one needs to move when the meteor strikes as you will all survive the damage since it is split, and the second is to stay separated so that conflagrate does not jump targets to easily. If you choose to stay grouped, whoever gets conflagrate should spread out away from the others as soon as they are affected. If you stay spread out, make sure you move quickly when a meteor is incoming or the damage will be very heavy and the healer may have a hard time keeping you up.


This fight is about crowd control and kill order, and while fairly simple and straightforward on normal mode will be critical on heroic mode.

Due to Gekkans ability to increase all of the minions damage and make them immune to CC upon his death the best strategy is to save him as the last kill and deal with all of the minions first. Of the minions the two most dangerous are the Ironhide and Oracle. Since the Ironhides damage debuff is such a small AOE and he has no ranged attacks he should be CC’ed with something like root away from the rest of the group. The Oracle is a good first kill target due to its healing ability, and then move on to the others in either order.

Once it is down to just Gekkan and the Ironhide it is your choice on which to kill first. I would still kill the Ironhide so that there is less incoming damage while dealing with it later, but either way works.

Xin the Weaponmaster

This fight is straight forward, despite the number of things going on during the fight. The tank must keep Xin facing away from the rest of the group so that they are not hit by the ground slam, while avoiding the ground slam themselves.

The rest of the players must pay attention to the different abilities being used and avoid as many as possible. Really there is no reason that anyone should ever be hit by ground slam, whirling axes, or circle of flames. Once blade trap activates even that can be avoided most of the time, simply remember that when you need to cross it, do so quickly so that you only take a single tick of damage from it.

Once Xin is dropped to 33% and death from above activates someone will be taking damage constantly so that is the time to start burning DPS cooldowns to get through it as quickly as possible. Overall it is a very fun fight with enough mechanics to keep it interesting, but all of them are simple enough that it amounts to “stay out of the crap on the floor”.
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Gu Cloudstrike

Phase 1
During the first phase the tank needs to hold agro on Gu and move him any time he puts down a lightning area on the ground. This is a large AOE damage effect and is pretty hard to miss. Simply drag him away. During this phase as well, at least some DPS should focus on the Azure Spirit n in the air and get it down to 10-20% to make the second phase easier.

Phase 2
Once the serpent does enter the fight, the tank needs to hold the dragon faced to the side due to a really nasty lightning breath and the group needs to DPS it down. There is a lot of damage during this phase due to an AOE ability called Magnetic Shroud that the Azure Serpent has. This deals damage to everyone in range and prevents all healing until a pre-set healing limit is reached. At that point the magnetic shroud is overloaded and all players in range split the healing that it had absorbed. The shield then starts up a few seconds later.

Phase 3
Repeat Phase one just no dragon to help boss, tank and spank at this point.

Master Snowdrift

This fight is fairly simple, as long as players get out of the AOE damage effects. The fight is two phases starting with just the boss, Master Snowdrift, in the middle of the room. Engage him and DPS him down to 50% making sure to get out of his frontal arc when he casts Fists of Fury and to move away from him when he Tornado Kicks.

At 50% health the fight enters a second stage, where Master Snowdift clones himself into three versions. Each of these versions appears in a triangular shape around the room. To finish the fight you need to kill one of them, however that is not made clear in any of the fight information. Every once the versions will switch position so make sure you find the one with the lowest health each time they switch around or the fight will become much longer.

Sha of Violence

This is a relatively simple encounter with only moderate damage being caused overall. While the smoke blades is neat mechanic and should introduce some fun to the fight, it just doesn’t seem to do enough that you need to worry about it. The same with the sha spikes and players avoiding them, they don’t really do enough to have to worry about them.

The only mechanic in the fight that really is of any concern is the disorienting smash on the tank. Since it does do quite a bit of damage, and causes a stun, the tank should try avoiding it as much as possible.

Other than that, engage, kill, loot.

Taran Zhu

This fight has a new and interesting mechanic to it called Hatred. During the fight the Sha of Hatred that is possessing Taran Zhu will cause you to gain hatred over time. In addition any time you are hit you will gain additional hatred. If your hatred bar ever fills you deal 20% more damage, but miss 90% of the time and heal for 25% less. To clear this hatred you must meditate, which will be an onscreen button for you. It is a 3 second ability and while meditating you cannot move or act.

This fight is about movement and focused DPS. First the tank needs to make sure that he keeps Taran Zhu moving away from the other players so that the ring of malice does not hit everyone when it activates. Secondly ranged DPS must focus on the gripping hatred AOE effects to down them before they cover the entire floor pulling players in to them and sending everyone’s hatred skyrocketing.

Over time your hatred will max out and you will be forced to meditate, but if you avoid taking damage as much as possible you will not have to meditate many times in the fight. The tank will of course need to several times so try to get some distance before doing it so that you do not take additional hits while meditating. Several good ways to avoid being hit are getting yanked away by a priest or using the gripping hatreds pull ability to yank you away from the boss.

Manage your groups hatred, clear the AOE effects, and down Taran Zhu in a controlled manner and the fight should not be that hard for groups. The only time it got difficult was when players didn’t focus on minimizing hatred and killing of the gripping hatred effects.
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The Jewelcrafting, Inscription and Blacksmithing trainer for MoP is located at the Greenstone Village which is North of Dawn's Blossom. For a screenshot go to the link

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