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100 Gnome Warlock
I haven't had the chance to play all of my classes in BGs yet (I play all classes at lvl 85) but from what I have observed in BGs so far the same classes that were OP before (Pallys, Mages and Hunters) are still the OP classes. I haven't been able to decide who my new main is going to be yet either. When I started (right after BC was released) my main was this Lock but WoLK killed that though I struggled with trying to keep it as my main long after WoLK was released (I'm stubborn that way and I went through 3 races before giving up). My last main was a Disc Priest which I had been able to tweek to lean more towards DPS in a BG but the new changes put an end to that. Even with a full set of Cata BG epics I had to go back to Shadow which I'm not very happy with. I'm leaning towards my Boomkin at the moment but it is pretty well geared for BGs at the moment and who knows what it will be like at 90.

Back when Blizzard took all the steam out of Locks I kept hearing that the reason the Lock class got crushed was because it was too OP and that every class would eventually get it's turn at being the OP class. This really hasn't occurred. Though I would like to go back to playing my Lock as my main I have noticed a pattern of letting Locks had a little more steam near an expansion only to take the steam out not long after the expansion again.

It seems that no matter how many times Blizzard reworks the classes they always revert to making the same classes that they kept OP when they released WoLK. I prefer a castor class but I don't care for frost Mage or spamming Pally exorcism.

Does anyone have any suggestions of which class and spec I should roll to 90 first? I'm in the game just to BG and deal damage.
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Shadows, locks,mages and hunters are where its at. if you aren't healing that is

inb4 above classes come in and tell me im wrong
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100 Gnome Warlock
Shadow isn't all that great really. I did better before the patch as a Disc Priest dealing damage. You really can't do much tweeking to the classes anymore. Your basic talents really put you in a box and all the tress offer the exact same options. Alot of players complained that WoW was getting much too easy to play and Blizzard seems to be continuing on the easy path. I was bored so I rolled a Priest on another server last night and it was insanely boring. The only thing that broke up the monotony was the constant ganking. Locks aren't all that great either but at 85 they are a little more fun to play. I'm going to assume you concentrate on raids and not BGs to come to the conclusions you have.
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100 Gnome Warlock
Well the good thing is Shadow doesn't run out of mana at 85. I'm sure for that I should be grateful especially in BGs. Since I originally spec'd and geared for damage, my Cata epics are already tweeked for damage ie:Shadow as is all of my enchants etc.

My Disc Priest would burn people down pretty quickly in a BG situation if I didn't get interrupted in my rotation. Much like a Mage but felt like a Lock (back when). When I came back from the patch I of coursed spec'ed Disc but 10 minutes of playing that and I switched to Shadow so I could actually kill something. I'ts ok. Nothing special and not as good as my Disc Priest was.

So that is my logic.
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100 Goblin Warlock
They should have never made the glyph to heal in SF.

There is really nothing OP about locks right now other than what was strong before: UA and CotC which in the hands of a fire mage was much better.

Considering locks lost 20% damage reduction and soul link is so bad it's not even funny now.
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90 Undead Mage
Pallies are OP? Hunters were OP before? When was this? Vanilla?

And if you think Shadow is anything but great in it's current form then you are obviously clueless.
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100 Human Paladin
Think you should try getting current gear before saying your class isn't OP.

Was doing a battleground vs 4 mages and a warlock. So yeah they farmed the graveyard. mages did around 4mil. Where as the warlock did 7mil.
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85 Human Mage
If you say Mages are OP, you would be correct sir. They have too many things going for them. Either

A. Deep Freeze needs to go
B. Scorch needs to go
or C. Ice Barrier turns into Mana Shield.

I'd prefer C honestly. At the rate of 2 mana per 1 damage, a mage could use it, but go OOM almost instantly. And they'd have a weakness, AKA they're squishy and have to use their awesome CC to win a fight. If they fail at that, they die.
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90 Orc Warrior
Shadow isn't all that great really.

*Cleans soda from monitor that just got spit on it*
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100 Gnome Warlock
So I guess the only real suggestion was Hunter? Well I'm rolling da bear right now and to be honest he is fun to play.
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