The Piemaster Rap

100 Human Warlock
My pie is tasty, just took it out the oven
better be hasty or you'll miss out on the lovin'

Got apple an' cherry and coconut custard,
gonna need all the room in your stomach you can muster

People be fightin' for pie of such skill,
eat it up like lightning till they've had their fill

Wolfin it down till their hunger be sated,
their bellies round from bein' so inflated

Got tons more pie bakin' in my stove,
makin' stacks so high they reach the clouds above

I am the best chef in history, no one's better or faster
I am king of the pastry, the one they call Piemaster!

Many years went by and business is slow,
nobody eats my pie at all anymo'

It started to slow down a few months back,
with some people in town havin heart attacks

Everybody all around was gettin heavy and stout,
heard nothin but the sound of fatties sloshin' about

They all loved the taste of the meals I've fed,
but not enough to waste their life and end up dead

That's when the sales in my store started to waiver,
I guess people now be eatin' for health over flavor

Shops poppin up sellin salad an' bread,
everybody gettin fed over there instead

I can't believe I'm gonna have to close up shop,
never thought the day would come that my sales would stop

Ten more years have passed and I got nothin to eat,
my savings didn't last and I'm out on the street

I have to fight for a livin' just to survive,
nothing free to me is given since I've taken this dive

No friends of mine remain to lend me a shoulder
to help me deal with this pain as my soul grows colder

Done with the ways of the righteous I am,
long gone are those days now I might be damned

towards the path of darkness to which I now turn,
I will use this power I posses to make the world burn

I set out with a vengeance to my old home town,
with my magic baking flames I burn it all to the ground

Charred bodies all around litter the street,
ashes on the ground beneath my feet

I walk to my store which still stands to my surprise,
I knock down the door and reminisce of pies

A thought goes through my mind, can I bake any longer?
I'd left it all behind when I set out to grow stronger

I make pie after pie through the rest of the night,
but no matter what I try its just not quite right

I'd been longin' so much for that taste I crave,
but I lost my baker's touch somewhere along the way

I guess the dark and cooking arts don't mix well,
have I lost my baker's heart to the fires of hell?

Was it worth it to part with baking for this trade?
Wasn't that why I had to start along this dark crusade?

I could have just sold veggies or fruits,
but I grew evil and cold and lost my true chef roots

But I won't be stopped now, I must taste that lost flavor,
I'm not sure how, but I will not waiver

So I stay in this ruined town, baking away
nothing will get me down, I'm here to stay
till I bake that perfect pie I will not quit,
I will try and try with every last bit
of might that I possess, of strength and of will
I will not rest till I regain my pie skill!
Edited by Piemaster on 3/14/2013 11:37 AM PDT
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85 Tauren Paladin
That was just.....amazing! It touched me deep deep down to always eat pie.... To the kitchen!
Edited by Alkirius on 9/24/2012 3:59 PM PDT
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100 Human Warlock
Shameless half yearly self bump for lyrical justice!
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90 Undead Warlock
That was awful go away.
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90 Night Elf Hunter

that is some skill you got there brodsky

peach pie would have been better =P
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100 Night Elf Hunter
this song should be bout lock rocks, dog.
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