BR/LA servers and us.

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This is something that I was directed to that was started in the General Forums. I found it helpful, and I wasn't sure if there had already been something like that here. I come from a battlegroup with 0 LA/BR servers so this was pretty new to me. I'm not saying everyone should apply this, obviously. But for those who are curious or some such, I thought this may be helpful.

This is something I posted in regards to the negativity surrounding the BR/LA servers:

I have a Brazilian friend who speaks and types English very well. He explained to me that he got an early start when he was young because his parents sent him and his siblings to lessons and they worked hard at it every day. He also said that nowadays, English lessons there are expensive and that a handful of those who do take it may not practice outside of the class (which isn't helpful, anyway, really).

He also said that he knows people who play on the NEW LA/BR servers may not even be aware they will be playing with English speakers. Just as -I- was surprised when I moved to Blackhand which has quite a few LA/BR servers in the BG. Some do try and some don't. JUST like some English speakers try and others don't.

It is NOT their fault that Blizzard placed them in BGs the way they have. It takes equal effort and I'm more than happy to try. I DO have some rude phrases in my arsenal, of course. ;) Just like I have plenty for my English speaking bros.

Below is a list of actual BR/LA realms:
Brazilian Realms
Tol Barad

Before LA/BR realms were introduced, BR/LA'ers rolled on US servers that were recommended to them (which means it could go either way). A few I know of are:

Some phrases!:
I'm sorry, I only speak English. - Me desculpe, só falo Inglês
Hello / Hi - Olá / Oi
Thank you / Thanks - Obrigado / Valeu
Good / Very good - Bom / muito bom
Cool / Nice - Legal
No problem - Sem problemas
Welcome - Bem vindo
Congrats - Parabéns
Heal me - Me cura
Pull - Puxa
Ready? / I'm ready - Prontos? / Tô pronto
Start it - Começa
Done - Feito
Turn off Righteous Fury <name> - Desligue Fúria Íntegra <name>
Turn off Blood Presence <name> - Desligue Presença Sanguínea <name>
Turn off pet's Growl <name> - Desligue Rosnar de seu ajudante <name>

Go right - Vá para a Direita !
Go left - Vá para a esquerda !
We skipped a boss. - Nós pulamos o Chefe
Can we kill <boss> - Podemos matar o <boss> ?
Can we skip <boss> - Podemos pular o <boss> ?
Kill the adds - Matem os adds

Don't stand in the fire. (Não pise no fogo)
Now is a good time for Timewarp/Bloodlust/Heroism - Agora é uma boa hora de se usar Distorção temporal, Banho de sangue, Heroismo.

That's a lot of phrases. What I did is take what I thought I would most commonly use and made macros to put on my second, unused bar. I think I only did 5 or 6.

Also! I'm not a total bleeding heart. I know people are jackasses no matter where they're from. If you know someone is being rude to you, here is my favorite phrase:
Cala a boca- Shut your mouth!
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I feel the same way! I don't like that Blizzard did it this way, but I'm not really blaming ALL Brazilians/etc as a whole. I've noticed that yes, many are a bit challenged with the game. I've met a good handful that were actually good, though, and that's nice to see.

The Brazilian friend I have lives there and has been playing WoW since either Vanilla or BC, but I don't think it was actually put on their shelves until just before Cataclysm.
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You're right! My friend's ping is just sad but he's a fantastic PvE and PvPer. Bless his little heart.
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