Goodbye everyone!

90 Tauren Priest
It's actually been on my mind for a while now.
I've been thinking of transferring to a better server for sometime now, but wasn't sure where.

Today, I told Pagan (some of you all may remember her) I wanted to get off of DS.
TBH, she was the one who suggested I xfer to DS in the first place.
But, she has lately been playing on Caelstrasz, a medium pop server, so, I'm going to go join her!

I'll be moving this toon along with this guild first, followed by my main alts, within the next week or so. Depends on finances.
I have too much stuff spread out on alts, though, to transfer everything I've got stockpiled... about 6 guild banks worth of stuff.
So, I will be leaving all my bank alts behind to continue littering your AH with various profession mats and various crap. =P

Other than that, I may drop in once in a while to say hi or snag cheap pets from your AH =P
But other than that, I plan to be gone for good within the next few weeks.

Was good while it lasted!
You guys are a truly unique server, I'll give you that. It's just not for me.
You guys know me, I love to make gold... just a fun hobby of mine. DS just doesn't support my hobby! Can't be selling BoE epics for a mere 5k lol.

Take care, and good luck! 9_6

To my competitors:
Glados sells my enchants.
Hoitytoity sells my glyphs.
Timewave sells my gems.
Daringdo sells my mog gear.
Cheerilee sells my pets and leather.
Misc. bank alts were Pinkiepie, Diamondtiara, Scootaloo, and Rattman.

Glados, Timewave, Scootaloo, and Hoitytoity will be transferred off, removing those areas of competition. Pet sales will also be pulled off of DS.
So, enjoy one less competitor!
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88 Undead Rogue
seems awesome, Demon Soul's economy is horrible
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90 Tauren Priest
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
Hey you're leaving us?? :( any gold or items ya don't want you'd like to donate to the poor Hrethgir fund? lol I shall miss you
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90 Tauren Priest
Haha.. Hreth is always loaded... but gives it all away.
I'm broke now tbh (cash wise)
Spent a TON of money buying up cata mats before they dried up... and also been snagging BoE 90 epics on the cheap. But no one here can afford them =|

Thankfully though, I've invested it all, since I can only xfer with 50k >.>

I will be cleaning out and condensing inventories over the course of the week. Already dumping as much as I can into the AH... tons of cloth, leather, mog items, etc etc.
The stuff I don't think I can sell here, I'll either take with me or give away XD

You guys were bunches of fun. Would have liked to see more Org raiding from the ally, but it seems like there's less people now than there were while Dragon Soul was actively being worked on.

I'll still be horde side, so if any of you all want to, add me to RealID, and I'll be happy to hop over to DS time to time for some raiding or world pvp... my server I'm going to is PvE =E

Oh, Derpyhooves is apparently already in use on Caelestrasz, so I have Rainbowdash reserved for when I transfer.

<3 from the 9_6
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90 Tauren Priest
Roar! Why do my achv points say 0? D=<
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