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A new expansion, a new recruitment post. TL:DR at the bottom.

We’re not precisely what I would call a small guild anymore: I’m not delusional enough to think a roster of over 200 members, alts or not, is precisely a small guild. With that in mind, some things have changed over the course of our small time as a guild here on Venture Co. I’m hoping we will expand more and, in turn, be able to offer a home to more people within the community that may want to seek out such a thing.

Incoming WALL OF TEXT!

In Cata, we did considerably well considering we entered the race late. We didn’t down as much as I would’ve liked, but we also were one of the few guilds to not take advantage of the content patch to down more heroic bosses. Pre-content patch, we were 3/8 heroic Dragon Soul, with three raid groups running a week clearing it up till the content patch, as well as having been one of the few guilds on server to down 25 man Dragon Soul while it was still in level.

The raids, currently, are looking as if they will be following the schedule posted below.

Group 1: Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm-9:30pm Server Time. This group is currently full.

Group 2: Monday and Wednesday, contact Laylexia for times. I believe they need two ranged DPS.

Group 3: Sunday, contact Darkscythe for time. I believe he has his main roles (Tanks and healers) filled, still needing DPS.

Now, I know that set raid groups does tend to scare people off, and rightfully so. No one enjoys being unable to raid 100% if they enjoy PvE. As such, you can expect the following from us.

1: Setting you up to succeed in an PvE environment. We will help you run heroics, we will help you learn the mechanics of your class as able and if we understand them ourselves. We will offer constructive feedback with only one, single intent in mind: To push you towards higher DPS, to push you towards better raid awareness, to improve your performance so that you can go, look yourself in the mirror, and say: YEAH! I’m awesome at this game thing in which that we all play!

2: Getting you the tools you need to improve. As we are able, we will provide links to the strats for boss fights, we will provide links to min/maxing sites to take full advantage of your classes mechanics.

3: Working with you. Change in work schedule and you need another raid time? Talk to the raid leaders, see what we can get worked out. Don't just up and leave without word.

4: Raid leaders. If you have the people, have some idea of a schedule, and want to get another raid up and running in the guild? Say something! We will support you, but you have to be willing to make that step.

Now, what you can’t expect from us:

1: To handhold. If you need us to do everything for you, from speccing, to gearing, to what spells to use... Yeah. We will help, but we expect you to want to improve, too.

2: To give free rides. Don't expect to just jump into the guild and get into the progression raids instantly or to be given a full set of gear. We will help, but we will not just gear you up and toss free stuff your way.

3: Special treatment. Ever been in a guild where there is just one person that quits randomly and they are instantly brought back into the core raid groups just because they are that person? The one that gets to change who they bring weekly if they don’t they will not come raid? Have you ever been told you are never allowed to bring alts to alt raids just because they need your DPS/heals/tankage? No one should want that from their guild, and your guild shouldn't do that type of stuff to you, it's abusive.

PvP and RP
As much as I dislike saying this, we haven’t had as strong of a desire within the guild for either. Not to say we don’t have those in guild interested, it’s just a matter of getting people motivated to do both. I am aiming to, during the course of the expansion, revive RP interest within the guild and, in turn, push towards more active participation in the RP-PvP side of things.

One thing I can promise you, straight up, RP will not just be simple mandatory events on a calendar, that isn’t RP. It will not be simple raiding of cities for the faction leaders and calling it a day, that isn’t PvP. For those that like large scale RP-PvP conflicts, that is what I’d love to get going for the server as a whole.

We're in the process of working on a website so that there is a spot, outside of game, we can communicate and post links and what not.

Three raid groups, more PvE focused currently with the intent of breaking into RP-PvP seriously. Contact any officer in game to learn more.
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I'm Artemis. :P One of the recruitment officers.

If you read this post and thought "Hey, I kinda like this guild, I want to learn more!" Then I'm the person you should come to.

If you have any questions in-game, feel free to contact myself of Gustahf if we're online. If not, ask someone who is on to forward your name to us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

I myself love seeing new people join the guild and I want to aid in the recruitment as much as possible. I look forward to meeting any new people that read this shiny wall of text.

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So, we have a few 90s and aiming to start heroic spam as a guild within the day. Hoping to get in and start raids next week. :D So far, off to a good start for the expansion and hoping we can really progress well.
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PvE update: We are 1/6 in the new content, and downing both world bosses multiple times weekly. Still looking for healers and ranged DPS, but if you don't care too much about entering raids right away and just want a fun guild to be in, well... Maybe we're that guild? We could be, if you give us the chance. :)
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