Pally glyphing

90 Tauren Paladin
im aware glyphs dont overly matter given tonight is mop release but iam curious as to if i glyphed correctly, if someone wouldnt mind checking them out
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Do you have Alabaster Shield? Check.

Pretty much all there is to it, the rest is just flavor.

5mans you use 3-bounce AS, single target tanking use 1-hit AS glyph.

Lot of elementals, dragonkin, etc? Use Holy Wrath.

Don't forget to unglyph Divine Protection for magic fights.
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90 Night Elf Death Knight
Glyphs are so situational that its kinda makes it fun.
The ones you have are probably the ones I will be using when I lvl mine up, might change HotR though.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Look good to me.

Alabaster shield is the closest thing we have to a required glyph.

IMHO Divine protection will be optimal on most fights.

HotR is a VERY low dps glyph. You should only take it for the convenience factor.

Focused Shield is the closest glyph to Alabaster shield for damage. But its a loss on aoe fights.

Final Wrath gives nearly the same dps as Focused shield but ONLY during the execute. Its about 1/5 the damage overall. Still pretty far ahead of HotR.

Holy wrath gives you a nice stun for aoe tanking

Harsh word is an Offtanking glyph that can give you some nice burst damage.

Avenging wrath puts a nice heal on AW.

Cons is nice for targetting where you want to put Cons down at.

Double jeopardy is a slight dps gain when target swapping.

WoG can help you regain a small portion of the damage lossed from using WoG over SotR.
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