Belligerent Fury of Antonidas (8/8H) has decided to form a second 10man raid group. What was once a tight-knit guild for most of Cataclysm has grown to accommodate another group of raiders.

Belligerent Fury is a Semi-Hardcore 10 man raiding guild. We take pride in our toons. We Min/Max; come prepared daily; and still maintain a jovial nature. Belligerent Fury has existed since the start of Antonidas during the Burning Crusade Launch.

Our members Have Killed C'Thun, Illidan Stormrage, The Lich King and Deathwing. We are experienced and knowledged about the ins and outs of the World of Warcraft and possess extensive knowledge of every class, not just the one we play.

Raid Times:
Monday and Thursday, 6-9pm PST/9-12pm EST

Current Needs:
Tank - Druid or Paladin
DPS - Melee, Ranged DPS with haste buff
Healer: Druid or Shaman

Don't let all those needs scare you away. We've got a group of 9 raiders at the moment, with one temporary. We have a very versatile group of raiders who can switch specs/toons to provide whatever we can't recruit.


Any member can switch to a Monk as long as they are filling the same roll as their previous toon. We may consider recruiting a Monk but only if we are very confident they will be at 90 within a respectable amount of time.

We expect this second raid group to be equal as far as progression, if not a faster. We're always looking for people who are willing to learn and push content faster with each tier. If this interests you and you'd like to be a part of something new, head over to and fill out an application or add me on realid @
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