Warlocks not OP..

90 Orc Warrior
09/28/2012 03:23 PMPosted by Bevey
Is it possible that you have not met any very good warlocks.
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90 Orc Warrior
09/28/2012 03:23 PMPosted by Bevey
Is it possible that you have not met any very good warlocks.

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90 Troll Warlock
Based on Raidbots, warlocks aren't really OP, they are just among the 2-3 classes at the top of the concise pile. The only real outliers are rogues (who are a solid ~25% ahead) and Shamans (who are a solid ~25% behind).

Also, yes, skill makes a large difference. In the average 5-man, I'm doing around 40% of the total damage, usually pulling a solid 10k+ more than the next DPS. When I run with my guild group, however, the spriest and I fight for top slot with the fire mage (who's got a crappier connection) right behind us.
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90 Worgen Warlock
5 mans as destro = havoc on the high HP mob, shadowburn x3 on the low HP mobs, tab target shadowburn spam of low HP adds, 4x ember dumping a 30-90 sec fight. Not what I'd call a raid comparable circumstance.

Aff on the other hand struggles in 5 mans but is our best raid spec for the single instance that is out presently....so in terms of toolkit you need to use the right tool for the right job.

Then you just get silly stuff like demo w' meta hellfire, felstorm, and HL spam on hoptalus while people tunnel the boss.

PS raid bots is not up to date just yet. Last update I read was talking about them maaaybe starting to have a good flow of WoL data to feed the site starting after the weekend. So while its interesting the data that is up there now is something I'd take with quite a grain of salt.

You can however glance over the parses on the first 20 or so pages of each fight on WoL. You don't see locks showing any kind of dominant pattern. Where dot specs are good, so is affliction, but tending to be beaten by shadow/fire. Example....aff gains approx 15% being single target and perfectly executed 2x target multi dotting. Other dot classes and any cleaving melee jump up WAY more than 15% in the same siutaiton. Thus you see 1 lock parse in the first 8 pages of stoneguard.

Of course, the fact we aren't just there to buff the mages is probably already "too much" in many people's minds.
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90 Undead Warlock
Warlocks have many problems.... Stuns are our worst fears atm.... for pvp not to mention as a Destro lock if you don't notice that Chaos bolt coming at you or us casting it, its your own fault to get hit by it.
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1 Orc Warrior
10/07/2012 12:19 PMPosted by Cup
Warlocks have many problems

Not really. Warlocks are in a good spot. Not overpowered, not underpowered. Can be extremely powerful if used correctly. Synergize well with other classes and still very effective in solo situations. And continue to be a class with a solid amount of complexity that's engaging.
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90 Human Paladin
Warlocks have historically been horrible in dungeons. Period.
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100 Human Warlock
I wouldn't 5man as afflicton, I'd do it as destro or demo, demo probably.

If you don't see a warlock topping, they aren't very good, its the highest dps in MOP right now.
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100 Undead Warlock
Warlocks aren't OP, we pull high DPS with less effort now, and our increased survivability in PvP has taken people by surprise as they would have otherwise just roflstomped us, but we're not OP.

tell that to the lock who'd chaos bolt crit me for 60-75% of my health

You should be slightly embarrassed.

Yeah, that is entirely your fault...
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