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I am really getting tired of getting CRZ'd with Uldaman. I have NO ISSUE with all the other realms we get grouped with; the people I've encountered have been GREAT! But the vast majority of Uldaman players have been really awful to deal with (that's the best I can describe them on here - because they make me SO angry, all the words I'd rather use aren't allowed on the forums).

It's like, oh look, there's an 85 in a 40 zone killing all the NPCs; they're from Uldaman. Or, someone waited to snag that mine right out from under my nose while a mob aggo'd me; they're from Uldaman. The same sort of stuff, over and over and over again. /sigh

I wish there were some way that Blizz could fix this. I like CRZ as a whole and have enjoyed running into other realms, but these Uldman people are really making things suck.

QQ, I am sure. But whatever. I just wanted to vent a bit. I <3 Terokkar. Even if we're not so active, the people are nice and chill... that's why I transferred. (From what I have encountered, I am SO glad Uldaman is not my home realm!!)
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I am sorry you have met some jerks, of which there are indeed some on Uldaman.

I have seen several from Terrokar and Anvilmar in Darkshire (on my monk.)

If anyone from Ding is a jerk, let me know and i will chastise them!
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wait until you get to group with Kel-Thuzad people in LFR
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