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85 Undead Priest
Hey, Feathermoon! I have like, 20 minutes before my subscription expires, so I'd like to say goodbye.

WoW is awesome. WoW is the greatest MMO ever conceived. However, I'm just not as enchanted with the game as I used to be. Cataclysm was a massive letdown for me. I started off strong, with the dream of forming the #1 raid on the server, and I like to think I was fairly successful in that endeavor. But the longer I raided, the less disenfranchised I became with WoW. When I got to Firelands, it was meh. When I got to Dragon Soul, which may be the greatest copy & paste of all time, I almost lost all interest in WoW entirely. Sadly, I don't see anything in MoP that would undo the damage that has been done, despite the fact that I think MoP will be far superior to Cataclysm, and probably pretty damn fun.

Now that that's out of the way - thank you, for being such an awesome server. I don't know what it is about you guys that I like so much. Maybe it's the "small town" community where I can get to know everybody well. Perhaps it's the personalities of the players, both Horde and Alliance, that kept me around. Perhaps it's the RP that, while I didn't participate in much, when I did I felt like I wasn't being judged. Perhaps it's the great PvP community that, while not the most "elite" in the world, really impressed me with their abilities and modest personas, while also having respect for other players.

I can't pinpoint it. After playing this game for 8+ years, or basically since it came out, I've loved this server to death. Trust me, I've transferred to other servers, the "big pvp" servers, in pursuit of Gladiator and other PvP endeavors. I always end up coming back to Feathermoon. You guys are the best. Some of you are pretty crazy, but I like you.

I don't know when I'll return, if ever. Nobody can ever quit WoW, as we all well know, but I currently have no plans or aspirations to come back anytime soon. I have some things in real life that need some focus. This being said, I don't regret a second of my time spent in WoW.

Enough of the soap box - some shouts outs.

To my good friends in AAO, Dawn Vigil, Icon, Chaos Storm, any other guild that I've failed to mention - you guys are awesome. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for raiding with me. Thank you for standing side-by-side with me in the great Feathermoon World PvP battles. I would single you guys out by name, bu I fear I would reach the end of my 20 minutes before I could even begin to thank you guys enough. You make me proud to be Horde, and to be a WoW player.

Uskel, Baelrosh, Caargon - you guys were my best WoW friends in WotLK. I know I'm not always the most personable guy, but do know that I value your friendships deeply, and I will see you guys again. You're the !@#$.

To my Alliance friends in Full on Rogues, namely Corpsegoat, Blamestorm, Hovah, and others - why you guys so cool? If I could roll an Alliance toon without vomiting, I would love to be a part of your guild. Hovah, Blamestorm... come back to Horde, you %^-*!@# geeks.
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85 Orc Death Knight
People I've done arena or assorted PvP with - just know that I remember almost every arena game I've been in, and many notable BGs, and I'll never forget the times we had. Whether it was dicking around for fun, or working as hard as we could for Gladiator - I'll never forget our battles.

To Errant Pride - I am what I am because of you guys. You've taught me leadership and humility; brought me joy and grief. There is no guild like the Errant Pride. Not in the world. I've played so many games, been on so many servers, joined so many clans and guilds... but you guys are unique.
I believe it may be why I can't enjoy any MMO but WoW. You guys aren't in every MMO. I can't bring you all with me, and the game becomes dull and lifeless. A guild of hardcore raiders, casual raiders, explorers, RP'ers, awesome PvP'ers, casual PvP'ers, achievement grinders, and people who just want to talk with similar people. It's truly amazing. I'm so proud to have been a part to EP, and to know each and every one of you. (By the way, I hope you didn't take any of my threats during my weeks as guildmaster seriously. Yes, I would have melted your face if you didn't swear loyalty to me, but it would have been in a semi-loving way.)

To anybody that's ever served under me with the Vanguard raid - it's a privilege to have raided with you. You've made me grow in ways I thought not possible (except for Gunt.) I've spent more time with you guys than anybody for the past 2 years, and while the roster changed occasionally, I've never forgotten any of you, or what you brought to us. Thank you for having faith in me.

Last but not least, Gun. We met while you were seeking your dream of making the Pride what it is today. I have vivid memories as Shadewraith of defending your guildie on that hill in the Barrens (I don't even know if it still exists, to be honest) from that prick, and you taking me into the guild. Then we hung out in real life. It boggles me what a crazy turn of events it took for us to meet and become friends, but I'm supremely grateful for it. You're a good friend in WoW, and a better friend in real life. As a person that doesn't look up to many people, I look up to you. You're a brother and a mentor. I'm unimaginably happy that I could help you achieve one of your dreams.

Anyway, I've said enough, and I'm probably past my time limit, so - yes, you can have my stuff, and take it easy Feathermoon! Keep on being who you are!
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85 Orc Death Knight
Ah yes, my e-mail is kodamn@gmail.com. Please feel free to hit me up for anything, anybody.
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Bye Kodamn
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90 Undead Rogue
Peace man, you will be greatly missed.
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87 Undead Death Knight
Kodamn, I only met you during the end times of your WoW career.

But you were most definitely one of the most memorable players I've had the honor to PvP with. It's a small list that I can count on my hand.

As Swayn said, you will be missed. My Liege.
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90 Dwarf Shaman
Wtf?! I still owe you 6457 duels, and I'm pretty sure I'm in the lead =). Hope to see you again, so you can even up the score.

In all seriousness, will miss you man. It was a pleasure and an honor to have played with and known you, good luck bro.

Also, I still say it wasnt me that told you to get sh*t on =). Peace.
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100 Night Elf Death Knight
It's been a pleasure and an honor facing you on the field of battle Sir Kodamn.

Speaking of which. Where is my face? Can't seem to find it after the last time you melted it off.

Take care of yourself.
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94 Orc Hunter
Shadewraith (Kodamn/Vodamn),

You have been an amazing friend in and out of this game for so many years. Looking back so long ago it seems almost a world away. We’ve both grown much since then. Since we met: we’ve both married, advanced our careers, pursued new challenges/adventures (both real and pixelated), and moved across country (hell in your case, halfway around the world a couple times).

I will never forget getting to meet you and Aeveri for the first time in 2005. I’ll never forget the Vanilla 10-man raid of Scholomance where all but you had wiped on Gandling within the first 20 seconds; then you proceeded to solo the rest of the encounter. I’ll never forget the days spent fighting in Tarren Mill with you at my side. I’ll never forget you being the first to return after my vacation/hiatus in early BC. I’ll never forget your first alt in Wrath and your drive to tank raids. I’ll never forget your day and night grind to hit Battle Master, and the frustration after we learned that transferring your character to another server for Arenas reset the date on the Achievement - every time. I’ll never forget getting absolutely hammered with you the night before my wedding, and even more destroyed the next night at the reception.

When I look back at my experiences in WoW and some of the most important moments of my real life during the last decade, you have been a constant in so many memories.

So damnit brother, I will confess that bidding you farewell here is no easy thing to do. I’ve gained a lifelong friend in you through this game. If not for this game and this community we would have never met. Like you said though, no one ever truly quits WoW; so I’ll leave a light on for you.

You are a legend on this server and the legacy you’ve left to those who have played the game with you (or against you) is exactly why I have stayed on FM for so long. I never know just who I’m going to meet over the next hill.


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90 Pandaren Priest
We'll miss you Ko. Take care, bro. May the Force not hit you!

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100 Goblin Priest
By Ko good luck in your endevors, you will be missed . :)
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Norlash and now Kodamn... The only Horde I respect (I.E. the only Horde I can't beat) are all quitting. ;~;
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100 Orc Warrior
Shadewraith, (as you shall forever be known by me)

It has been a privilege and an honor to have known and fought by your side in WoW. I will always remember you striving to help make Errant Pride what it is today. It is an honor to count you among my friends, and please know that you will be dearly missed in the meantime.

I will never forget the countless pvp battles we had together nor the duels which always resulted in your victory no matter what. Nor will I ever forget how I used to steal your killing blows with execute in AB and WSG.

So take care my friend, may your RL adventures be as grand as they were in WoW. If you ever have need of me, you know where to hit me up


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90 Undead Mage
Father Shade. It saddens me that you're leaving but I understand. You were (are) one of my favorite people and I will miss you. My favorite memory is waiting for MC and you mind controling Alliance and making them make "The Leap of Faith" into the lava. You will never be replaced and I hope you return someday.


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100 Pandaren Priest
Thanks for taking the time to help me go from being a terrible priest to a mediocre priest. I'm gonna miss you but I'll see you on FB. <3 Flavi
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100 Tauren Druid
May the Earthmother walk with you!
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100 Undead Mage
Sad to see another big name go. You will be missed, Kodamn.

May the allure of WoW bring you back some day.
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