86 Human Paladin
I'm planning on transferring here (to horde) and was wondering if there's any groups that would like to push challenge modes (i'm proficient in tanking or healing). I have not raided in over a year and half, but don't allow that to scare you.

Here is a brief history about me:

Played a rogue in vanilla wow, up through AQ40/Naxx40.
Priest through BT, then rerolled shaman and cleared Sunwell.
Achieved realm first 80 Draenai and Shaman, realm first Obsidian Slayer, Conqueror of Naxxramas, Magic Seeker. Took a break between hardmode Ulduar through the opening of hardmode ICC.
Rerolled to paladin during H-ICC25. Took a nap through our guilds realm first HLK25 kill.
Went back horde for the beginning of Cata to play with irl friends, achieved realm first enchanting.
Established a temporary guild that consisted of causals to former hardcore raiders and took a few realm first and top US 50 kills first tier normal modes, which was short lived for about a month before everyone parted ways.

Thanks for looking and hope to grouping with you.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
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90 Dwarf Hunter
Don't transfer here.

I played both horde and alliance and paid to get out.

The pop is low to medium at best (always low on alliance) and most people are just trolls.
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