Who is going for server first ?

90 Night Elf Death Knight
I'm curious to see .
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
twitch.tv/shermtv , Everyone in my group when this goes live will be getting realm first of our respective classes and specs.
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90 Goblin Mage
twitch.tv/daniellebaloo - I will be leveling in this group along with other former Greymane players (Shot and Cubone both formerly of TA, stream from Shot's PoV with cam)
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90 Human Paladin
Congrats to our first 2 realm first 90's!

Arriussz - for realm first DK and being realm first 90.

Also congrats to Sleight for hitting realm first rogue.

Also congrats to all the realm first professions. Too many to list and keep track of there. :)

Good luck to the rest of you. Who will be realm first paladin??? Vhal? Endule? Go Go Go!!!
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90 Human Paladin
Grats to our new 90s

Fael realm first Druid
Telepathy realm first Priest
Vhal realm first Paladin (my money was on you the whole time)

Hunter? WHO WILL IT BE???
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90 Human Paladin
No sooner that I post that the hunter comes through. With a double Alliance realm firsts.

For hunter we have Snoflaké and Iggins takes the realm first warriors.

Grats to both!

Well looks like Voltacular will take shaman and my money is on Durahal for mage. Warlock is up for grabs.

The real question of the day, who will be realm first Monk??? I am putting my money on my own guildmate Bluepaw for this one, and if she does, not only will she be first Monk, but a Pandaren Monk at that. CAN SHE DO IT??? Let's cheer her on will ya?

For the Alliance!
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90 Dwarf Hunter
I was able to snag Realm First! Zen Master Archaeologist for the Alliance :)
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90 Human Paladin
Well folks that is all. The realm first classes have all been claimed.

To recap:

Realm First! Level 90 and Realm First! Level 90 Death Knight
- Arriussz (H)

Realm First! Level 90 Rogue
- Sleight (H)

Realm First! Level 90 Druid
- Fael (H)

Realm First! Level 90 Priest
- Telepathy (H)

Realm First! Level 90 Paladin
- Vhal (H)

Realm First! Level 90 Hunter
- Snoflaké (A)

Realm First! Level 90 Warrior
- Iggins (A)

Realm First! Level 90 Mage
- Durahal (A)

Realm First! Level 90 Shaman
- Voltacular (H)

Realm First! Level 90 Warlock
- Binkers (H)

Realm First! Level 90 Monk
- Bluepaw (A)

Congratulations to everyone who got a Realm First 90. That is one heck of a Feat of Strength. I"d like to give some extra credit to Bluepaw for not only being Realm First! Level 90 Monk, but for also getting Realm First! Level 90 Monk as a Pandaren. This was definitely no easy feat.

Also congrats to everyone who got Realm First! Zen Master achievement. I'm sorry I don't have a list of all those that received that. You are all Kings and Queens today (and most likely passed out cold).

Rest up, because now it's time to gear up!
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90 Night Elf Death Knight
GRATS TO ME . REALM 4th DK (alliance side) . why thank you
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90 Night Elf Monk
Friends said I was 3rd Alliance Monk. I kind of doubt it but hey, I know I'm somewhere in the top 10 at least, lol.
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