Hey guys. im an old time spinebraker player! Maybe someone rememebers me? doubt it! lol! Coming back to the game from years of retirement!!! I left wow to play fighting games professionally like marvel vs capcom and street fighter. i scored a sponsorship with TFA/RAZER. I stream league of legends also when i have spare time from fighting games. since the expantion last night i decided to come back to wow grind out to the 90 and begen to PVP again!!! I am posting here to see whats new with the realm. if any guilds are looking for 2 active pve/pvpers to raid with.

I plan on streaming every night.. Arena,BGS,Everything!!!

I plan on doing alot of give aways! I leave to ohio this friday for a fighting game turny but i plan and want to do a give away to my followers/viewers. I have a RAZER MOUSE AND HEADSET I want to give away!!!


i go live around 9pm eastern time

please message me here or ingame if you want to grp or play or just talk.