Horde Dragon Turtle vendor

68 Blood Elf Death Knight
Velen - Horde too. Ugh...
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87 Blood Elf Warlock
No vendor on Stonemaul (horde). She was there last night, not there this morning. Stalled my Panda playtime with this one Blizz, I play for the aesthetics!
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85 Human Mage
No turtle vendor on Stonemaul Alliance
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90 Worgen Druid
Adding Moonguard- Alliance side.
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85 Orc Hunter
Adding Ner'zhul, Horde side.
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100 Goblin Warrior
Staghelm, Horde he is gone after the restart. He was there yesterday.

Dual-mount dismounts on entering or leaving a shared zone... rares popping in and out of existence... now vital vendors (he also sells the tabard I wanted before going dungeoning).

Come on Blizz do you even test this crap before rolling it out? Is this another phasing problem due to CRZ? Take it out until you fix it for gosh sakes!
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Feathermoon's Alliance side vendor is currently not present also.

Hoping for a speedy fix.
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13 Pandaren Monk
Stormwind - Alliance
As well..
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90 Pandaren Monk
Also happening on Mannoroth, though at this point I assume the issue is universal. Thanks Sapper.
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23 Pandaren Rogue
Galakrond-Alliance... I would complain but I remember when I had to walk until 40 so... plz fix lol
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
As with Melanei I am assuming it's everywhere, but I am officially adding Ravenholdt-US Horde side to the list of missing vendors. Thanks for working diligently on our problems Blizz! There are still some of us that appreciate what you do for us and the endless hours of work that are constantly involved.
Edited by Kethsarion on 9/26/2012 4:06 PM PDT
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90 Night Elf Priest
quartermaster missing on Alexstrasza, alliance side. and doomhammer horde side. i'm thinking they're missing from the game, but figured i would add those realms to the list!
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90 Tauren Death Knight
No vendor Blade's Edge (Horde)
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17 Pandaren Priest
There isn't one on Zangermarsh Ally
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Aww none in Sw on Nagrand either, I want my mount :(
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Quality Assurance
We've got a new fix in the works. I'll update you all when it should be applied.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Lethon - Alliance missing as well
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09/26/2012 09:36 AMPosted by Sapperwix
We are aware of this issue and are working on a resolution.

Please work harder

edit: Good news!
Edited by Brodo on 9/26/2012 5:03 PM PDT
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
09/26/2012 04:55 PMPosted by Sapperwix
We've got a new fix in the works. I'll update you all when it should be applied.

For the bored and technologically inclined, what was the cause of the bug?
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