I’ve been putting this off for months.

The past eight years have been an amazing ride. WoW wasn’t my first MMO, but it certainly had one of the biggest influences on my life, as far as online games go. I still remember when I was wandering about Ashenvale, gazing in awe at the humongous trees and awash in the entrancing music, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a weird little forsaken mage and his foul mouthed orc warrior friend during a daring (yet quest driven) assault on a night elf outpost. Meekly, I asked if I could tag along with them in their adventures and, graciously enough, they were happy to have me along. That was when I was just barely level 20. Over the next 40 levels, we explored the wilds of Kalimdor, sticking our noses into Alliance encampments without fear or common sense (and subsequently running our asses off on the pathways between Tarren Mill/Southshore), and eventually, they offered me something I have never been prouder to have to this day:

A home in the Thundering Hammer Clan.

Over the years, I've had the blessing of tagging along with not only the tight-knit family of the Clan, but I've also had the fortunate graces of meeting dozens of other amazing folks within the collection of guilds known as The Anvil. There are too many people to list; attempting to do so would make this way too long and tiresome to read, anyway. The memories of Dire Maul, Blackrock Spire, the countless raids on Alliance outposts; trudging through expansion after expansion with the Anvil jokers and laughing all the way; forging ahead with my attempt at leading the guild with my own vision as Malkavet and his company took a long sabbatical and then handing back the reins with his return. All memories I will cherish.

However, WoW has become an environment in where I find no familiarity any longer; the immersion and awe that I once felt as I stumbled out of Mulgore, fled the inanity of the Barrens and lost myself within the forests of Ashenvale has long since faded. I made a promise to myself that there was one thing that had to change within the game to rekindle my passion – a refocusing on the history and lore of my favorite WoW race, the Tauren.

Of all the expansions, Cataclysm broke my heart the most when it came to becoming immersed in Tauren lore. Not out of the tragedy of Cairne’s death and the loss of Taurajo and Freewind, but because these tragedies were treated with such careless disrespect and brevity by their creators. My absolute favorite part of the game had been figuratively tossed into the dirt, barely given a passing glance by the developers that I had once held in high regard. Looking over the content in Mists, I saw that there was going to be no change, no correction to right the countless wrongs done to the one facet of the game that I still enjoyed.

It is because of that, I must say goodbye.

I have met wonderful people here. I have made some enemies. I have laughed, cried, made terrible puns (probably too many), relished in the victories I’ve shared, hung on friendly shoulders after the defeats, written and shared far more stories than I will ever remember. As a whole, I would not trade it for anything.

So long, Feathermoon, and thanks for all the memories.
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Ebon, no one will be more sad to see you go than Teevi, Mackh and I. For over seven years now you have been the heart and soul of this guild that we founded back in the shaded eaves of Ashenvale. At the beginning Mackh and I never intended for it to be anything other than a small home for our real life family to play in. Little did we know what that first invite of a lonely Tauren looking for partners to assault the Silverwing Outpost would eventually give birth to.

Two Words: Tarren Mill.

We spent hours sitting outside Molten Core waiting to fill a sub spot in the LRM raid together. We queued with Venim in Warsong to help mint the first High Warlord. We founded the Anvil together and created an institution on Feathermoon that still echoes to this day. I still have screenshots of you finishing your Quel'Serrar. (She totally 'Deep Breath's more now.)

I remember when you went Fury for the first time because we had too many tanks in MC.

We spent hours, upon hours, upon hours in Arathi Basin churning out new High Warlords every other week. How many times did we meet for a dance party at the stables as we watched a six minute five cap roll over? I can't count the number, but I will never forget the times.

Walking through the Dark Portal together, seeing Hellfire Penninsula laid out before us there for the first time - the Path of Glory was ours to walk on now. And wrecking town after town in our World Tour, earning bear mounts for the raid, and demonstrating the supremacy of the Horde.

When I came back at the beginning of summer to take up the mantle of leadership again and reforge the Thundering Hammer I wanted to recreate that Classic environment that you and I built together. I wanted to recapture the glory of the Horde that we grew up with - and in large measure we have.

But it will just not be the same without you.

I won't plead with you to stay - we've talked and I understand - but I will remind you: you leave behind a giant hole in our roster and in our hearts with your absence. I hope you find the respect for lore and story you're looking for in GW2. If you don't, you know that there will always be a spot for you among the children of the anvil and hammer. When you are ready to incite terror in our enemies and shed the blood of the Alliance once more the Hammer will be here waiting for you.

For the Horde mother-!@#$er.

See you on the field.
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100 Undead Mage
Sorry to see you go, Ebon.

Good luck and farewell!
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100 Undead Priest
Goodbye Ebon - you always were in my good book, and I will cherish the memories of several dungeon runs together, and a few BGs as well.
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have a good one Ebon hope to see you come back eventually
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90 Pandaren Hunter
Aw. :( It's sad to see you go, but have fun and be well wherever you may roam.
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88 Pandaren Monk
Lost another one to SWTOR free to play. (lol)
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100 Blood Elf Warlock
I still remember defending SMC and the tiny towns outside of it with you back in wrath. Good luck and enjoy life :)
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100 Orc Hunter
Peace Ebon, it is sad to see you go. You've been a solid ally in this game for many years. I wish you the best.
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Oh, Ebon. =/
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100 Night Elf Warrior
09/28/2012 10:21 AMPosted by Kungfudrunk
Lost another one to SWTOR free to play. (lol)

Pretty sure Ebon woulda mentioned that, given the extent of their g'bye post explanation.

Fairwell, Ebon, and sorry to see you go. Maybe future content will put the Shu'halo front and center. :-/
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
Ahh, sorry to see you go Ebon. Whenever I think of a great role player, I think of you.

Hope to see you around again someday.
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90 Undead Warrior
(( Aww. We're really losing an RP fixture here. Sorry to see you go, Ebon- I was looking forward to seeing Jammy become your reluctant adversary.

I do have to agree with your sentiments- it feels like the Tauren have gotten somewhat shafted storywise; the events with Cairne and Baine, and the loss of Taurajo, felt like a great setup that got abruptly dropped and forgotten. Hopefully Blizzard will come back and tie things back together... and if they do, hopefully you'll come back too! ))
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90 Human Rogue
((Damn, man. And here I was looking forward to squaring off against you in all the fracas to follow - well, at least, sneaking up behind you. But you're right; it has been a damn long time. Ain't no school like the old school.

Good luck out there in the world.))
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90 Tauren Druid
(( Nobody tanked the floor quite like you did, dude.

Take care out there! ))
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90 Tauren Death Knight
Sorry to see you go, though I understand the sentiment. It's as if Blizzard doesn't realize Tauren are their own coolest race. :l

Cheers and good luck with life-type-stuff.
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90 Tauren Warrior
(( Nobody tanked the floor quite like you did, dude.

Take care out there! ))

((Or, as my wife always put it, "I never needed a threat meter on our old 25-mans. When Ebon pulled aggro off you, I knew it was time to spam Cower."

Take care, dude.))
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90 Undead Priest
Hi there, you might think it odd I am posting a regret to see you going because I am not a close friend or adventuring compatriot. But it is sad to see your farewell post if you are indeed the Ebon - Ebonthunder I recall of times past.

I understand your disappointment with the glossy blanket sweeping of what could have been so much more compelling with regards to MANY aspects of the game! It does seem like we all went from deeply charged story lines - to, AHHHH farming the fields of the Heartland! Out to pasture if you will LOL.
- But if you haven't played the new expansion, I think you should! But take it with a lighter mindset. It has been a peaceful delight in my experience with several past game dynamics that were really fun - all gussied up and presented in a new package! Also - its really fun to see new things on Ebon if you haven't been to beta to burn out!

Perhaps you won't go all the way - but instead just take a break and come back. Breaking away does refresh so many things upon return!
If you don't come back - thank you for being a consistent personality here on Feathermoon - and I do have fond memories of the "girls night out" black rock spire and late night battle ground groupings. I'm sorry if you were ever offended by my attitude in the past. I also recall some GRIT LOL. Anyway,
from one oldie to the next -
all the best.
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[Edited first post for a proper farewell.]
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90 Troll Priest
Ah, Team Old School Horde Races will be much smaller at RP events without you Ebon! I'm sorry you feel you have to go, but I get it. We've all played this game a loooong time.

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