I am currently seeking a raiding guild from 4/5 pm est to 8/8:45 pm est. I work the graveyard shift so this is pretty much the only slot i can find time.

Some info about me; ( apologize for the bullets :) )

- been playing since vanilla, experienced pre nerf cthun.
- Reliable and loyal
- not a huge group activity kind of guy but will join in the reindeer games if asked.
- would be playing either a dk, warrior, shaman.
- prefer tanking or dps but can do any role.

Im not elitist but i do expect some effort from each supporting cast. I am an adult so the use of bro, brah, etc gets old fast.

Would do some light rp, as i havent rped for some time.

please post here if you are or know of a guild that hugs these times.
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