We're an easy going alliance guild! If you're burned out on raiding, or new to the game, or just don't remember how to play, we're right up your alley!

If you'd like to learn more about us, read on, or feel to just contact one us for an invite:
Bandayd (GM)
Marywether (Co-GM)

We have raided in the past and plan on eventually getting going raiding, however we will NEVER require you to. We care much more about simple honesty and integrity of you the player. All we ask of our member is that you A: Don't deface our guild name by acting malicious to non-guild members AND B: Don't act malicious towards other guild members, or purposely mess up the guild. We are very big on teamwork (hence the name), and are usually more than happy to help you. :-)

We also offer free repairs up to level 60 (the limit is because it's being funded by myself mainly), that is, until we get the "cash flow" perk, then we'll make it higher as funds permit us. We keep the first guild bank tab stocked with fresh bags for new players who can make use of them.

We are mainly west-coast players so we tend to be on during normal west-coast playing times (of course we do have some guild members that are night owls). We're excited about the new expansion and would love to have you in our guild so we can do it together!
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