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I know that the Horde is close to a cadaver on Elune right now but I've ran into enough people (and /who stalked enough, teheh) to know that there's a decent number of active Horde guilds on here. With that in mind I figured I'd make one desperate cast of my net out here before seriously looking into transferring servers. I'm looking for an "adult" but fun, casual guild for socializing, leveling alts, and screwing around in end game stuff with. I'm not much of a raider (though who knows, I might start) but I enjoy PVP quite a bit and also running the occasional 5 man or going achievement hunting... or whatever. Would love some people to group with when hitting up random BGs. Mostly just looking for some fun, cool people to hang around and chat with.

I've been playing since beta and the launch of classic. Started on the infamous Mal'ganis (PVP) and eventually moved to Nazjatar with my guild... then here to play with some friends who are now long gone. I just recently dusted my account back off again and don't have much to show in the way of achievements or gear but I'll work on that after I hit 90. I've got an 85 rogue and an 85 disc priest as well (leveled almost 100% via LFD with a friend of mine tanking and me healing... so yes, I *can* heal. ;)) Oh yeah, I'm EST...

Please hook me up with your guild info if I sound like a fit, even suggestions of other guilds if you know of any that sound like what I'm looking for. Oh, and an active site/forums for me to spam would be pretty cool too though that's probably asking for a lot from what I've seen. ;)Thanks!
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09/24/2012 09:36 PMPosted by Blinxx
I know that the Horde is close to a cadaver on Elune right now

So very true.

That said, Mercs for Hire is still going strong. We've got about 450+ accounts. We have some casual raiding, PvP and 5 mans. It's a mostly adult guild and it's got some great people.

Whisper someone in game to find out more information and get an invite.
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