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So i got here from KJ and and looking for a horde transfer guild. either to join one or start one. I'd like a guild that offers the same type of community that was on KJ, Very active in wpvp/bgs/arena and somewhat pve. I'm Lùx ingame, send me some mails.
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Just got here myself.... they were not prepared. Will join up with you. They don't PvP much on this 'pVp' server... you'll have to msg me as I am a complete zaphead when it comes to alt codes. I'll be on I started a monk (go figure) so this ava or the monk named Fanji.
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They for sure were not prepared for us. I was being told by horde last night to leave alliance alone while they were questing. I've never run a guild but am more than will to start one and put in the effort to keep the spirit of KJ alive. Ill be on later and message ya. If anyone else is interested reply here or to me ingame.
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09/27/2012 05:07 PMPosted by Lùx
They for sure were not prepared for us. I was being told by horde last night to leave alliance alone while they were questing.

Might be because its a 4:1 horde to alliance ratio. I was thinkin of goin alliance for a while but it looks like I'm doing horde. I may be using another level 25 guild for a while( We are the Lovers or something like that) for the perks and when I joined it on another lowbie alt it seemed like a lot of people were in it.

If you'd like though I could join and help out with running it(and contributing boatloads of guild exp from my RaF leveling).

Edit: Guess the ratio isn't that bad, guess you're already level 25. But I would like to join, had plenty of experience running a guild(back in nilla/BC/early WotLK) if you're up for officer recruitment. And looks like PARANOIA is another KJ transfer, but looking like it might be PvE. And another guild popping up that might be a PvE progression guild, so it looks like we're covering all of our bases, we may be taking this server over!
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