How is this server?

90 Human Priest
Blizzard is giving away free server xfers, I don't really care much for KT anymore. How's the PvP & PvE on this server?
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85 Undead Warlock
My guild is moving over, they say that it's pretty nice.
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Pve and Pvp are pretty normal. People have heriocs and stuff and pvp goes on every now and again come join the fun :D
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86 Undead Warlock
Are the ally and horde numbers fairly balanced on this server?
I'm thinking of transferring as well while it's free.

It's fine if it's slightly imbalanced, but I'd like a chance to level, so as long as it isn't something like 80% ally.
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89 Tauren Druid
KT is 0.12 / 1 Alliance ratio and AM is 0.31 / 1 Alliance ratio.
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26 Human Paladin
09/26/2012 10:41 PMPosted by Lunaticus
KT is 0.12 / 1 Alliance ratio and AM is 0.31 / 1 Alliance ratio.

I think on guildprogress showing everyone that was in a guil that killed 1 boss in T13 or got 1 boss kill KT was the 3rd worse horde server by ratio....oh well off that hell hole now.
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90 Human Hunter
It's a fairly good server. About 5-8 8/8hc ds groups (home to vodka as well if that's what you could eventually be interested in). There maybe ~10-15 gladiator experienced players on the server. Market is fair. A lot of fun people on the server.
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85 Pandaren Shaman
How is the economy?
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97 Human Paladin
lol at kalomtar
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90 Blood Elf Priest
So far, not regretting the decision. :)
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100 Undead Warlock
Not regretting it either.
There have been noticeably more alliance for sure, maybe like a 2-1 or 3-1 ratio in some parts, but nowhere even close to as bad.
Been ganked a few times but only once was it like 3 on 1. Been questing with ease today.
Very pleasant change.

Not only that, but there seems to be even more horde in general than on KT, despite the server population being lower.
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89 Tauren Druid
I love it, and i love the fact i can see old faces from KT, hope for more Horde to come.
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90 Human Paladin
I dont think people usually gank that much here on this server.... i know there's maybe at most 2 or 3 Horde PVP guilds.... and maybe 1 PVP gulid on Alliance... that have KoS policies.
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85 Goblin Mage
So there are more horde than alliance?
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100 Undead Warlock
Don't think there are more horde, even with all the transfers, but it's much more even than KT and certainly more so since most horde transferred here.
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78 Blood Elf Paladin
Thanks for the posts as they were very informational. Quick question I saw early, how is the economy? I'm bringing toons from Illidan and KT and I know with greater demand and limited supply, prices can sky rocket. How do they look?

In either event, I'm making the switch. I loved KT only because we had a presence their years ago. Not so much anymore.
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90 Orc Shaman
Make a level 1 on the server to check out the AH and decide for yourself. Know that some things, like lower-level profession mats and transmog items, aren't as common or are more expensive on the Horde's AH than on larger servers. Mid-tier, food, flasks, and herb/ore prices end up yo-yoing a fair deal - some days you'd find a stack of Twilight Jasmine for 80g, other days you can't buy it for less than 390g.

Server pop is medium, with the majority of players on the Alliance side... I would definitely call the Horde side "small". vodka faction changing definitely gave a small boost to the horde pop with their followers, and now with the free transfers, the Horde side is perking up a bit more. Don't let that fool you, though, because while I think the wowprogress ratio is a bit out of date, the Alliance still outnumber the Horde here.
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90 Night Elf Death Knight
I thought this server was going down hill fast, but with vodka moving over to horde and us receiving KT transfers. It brings a lot of hope back.
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90 Tauren Warrior
Made the jump from KT last night. Such a strange feeling to be in Pandaria and not spend every second on full alert waiting to be jumped by 10 people.

So far, so good.
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90 Human Rogue
I came from KT, since I transferred to KT and really didn't play there for more than a month, then quit. I activated again Friday and didn't feel like waiting in a queue to play with people I didn't know.

So far I don't have any complaints. Have seen a lot more horde running around than I expected for a server I thought was alliance heavy. The economy seems to be a bit slower than I expected... but not horrible.
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