Advice on a transfer to Gundrak please?

85 Blood Elf Paladin
Hey all, I'm thinking about taking Blizzard up on their offer 'Free Character Transfer' to the Gundrak server as I can not stand the two hour wait to play on Frostmourne and even when I get in the lag is too much too handle I'm wondering whether the community and population is healthy enough to enjoy gameplay? Also, do many Kiwi's play on this server? Cheers.
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1 Human Warrior
if your only complaint about FM is the queue, you probably won't like it here (we're the exact opposite of FM)
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90 Dwarf Shaman
same with me, thinking of taking up their Free Transfer, i'm really disliking the queue times/server lag.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
The waiting time is insane, you pay to play... not wait
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82 Worgen Druid
ditto. im thinking of moving with a couple of people. I think if more and more people jump off FM and take advantage of this offer it will become better. Have previously run guilds in BC and Wrath so might be fun to start one on gun. over 2500ppl always in waiting. no fun in that.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Does anyone know if I do tansfer will my justice points and honor points go with?
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90 Human Hunter
Guys - I've never played on any other server, so not sure what it's like on a busy server. But Gundrak is generally quite a quiet place. Not too much in the trade or general chat going on, and up until recently and the new cross zone realms, little PvP activity would occur in the world. That's why I'm loving the cross realms - at least we can see some action in the world now :)

I always find the lag to be minimal on Gundrak. The cross realm stuff causes a few minor hiccups, but generally no lag. Also no wait times. I can only play late at night, and I'd hate to have to wait to log in!

However there are only a handful of big guilds on Gundrak. There are a few good PvP guilds, and possibly a few good raiding guilds but that's about it. I'm only in a small guild which is focused mainly on PvP, but it's just a group of friends and we don't generally recruit outside of the friends circle, so can't really help there. Hopefully some of the bigger guilds respond to this thread.

ps - the realm is as quiet as the forums suggest :)
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86 Orc Death Knight
Yep, kiwi here, and coming back to Gundrak (transfer in progress), along with mate from work, and the wife. Pretty much what Zeph said...the "nice" community is one of the reasons we're returning!
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90 Human Death Knight
I came from FM and so far it has been quite nice.

I am looking to PVP at 85 and there seems to be a healthy Ally community for it.

I do like the 1:1 ratio and I think over the next few days the population should see a nice boost.
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85 Human Priest
Hello everyone,

This is my main and I just took the free transfer to Gundrak 15mins ago.
I can not stand the lag and queue time of Frostmourne anymore.
I play pvp and explore so Gundrak is quite good for me.
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09/28/2012 09:31 PMPosted by Multiblade
No Maoris allowed.

Who said anything about Maori's?

I still cant bring myself to leave Frostmourne.
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