Alter Time potentially punitive/annoying

[alter time tooltip. gdi, wowhead won't load.]

Buffs used on the mage during the 6 second window are gone when Alter Time expires. This could mean wasted HoTs, shields, cooldowns cast by another player, which, unless cast to prevent the mage from dying before Alter Time expired, translate to wasted GCDs. This will also remove trinket procs applied during the window, which are out of our control for the most part.

We can monitor our trinkets' internal cooldowns through addons. In a perfect world, anyone casting a raid cooldown, heal or buff on a mage would be checking for Alter Time beforehand. But in fast-paced combat, when you have 20 other players' health bars, a boss, and a floor full of fire to watch, that becomes impractical.

So this ability is working as described. The question is whether or not this spell is intended to remove buffs applied during the 6 second window, as it can create some sticky gameplay. (idk what adjective to use there... clunky?? lols.)
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90 Night Elf Warrior
You can also use it to extend the duration of buffs beyond their usual duration by time warping it back.

That's the point, knowing when to use it.
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Yeah, definitely intended. There was quite a bit of visible development work involved in getting all that stuff to work. It's a very powerful ability — in its brief uptime, it can add as much or more to sustained DPS than Icy Veins can in 20 seconds — but it's also one that must be used very carefully. High risk, high reward.
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90 Worgen Warlock
It also permits double (if not triple when combined with PoM) instant pyroblasts. Now the PoM'd one will be 75% power but the first two are 100% and more than enough to kill any player target. Compared to how hard it is to setup 2x if not 3x instant pyroblasts (due to altered time) is not okay. While I think its a cool idea some of the side effects are as bad as theoretical time travel.

Legit hot streak > alter time > pom-pyro = 3x gcds that require minimal setup and are absolutely lethal. Since interupts have nothing to interupt, stuns get blinked out of, and silences only hold half duration its going to be extremely hard to prevent this kind of damage. Especially since mages have tons of instant CC that doesn't break on damage.
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90 Human Mage
10/01/2012 05:06 AMPosted by Werst
some of the side effects are as bad as theoretical time travel.

Pfffft. Where's your sense of adventure?

/arranges time-travel butterfly-stomping safari
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