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Hello, Steamwheedle Cartel. I'm coming here today on behalf of Coalition Victory to inform the forum community of our existence. In case this looks a little different, rest assured this is a raiding guild "recruitment" solicitation

I imagine many people don't really know who we are. I also imagine some people know of us but don't know what we do. We don't make a big deal about our feats, and this post won't really do so either. There are plenty of sites around the internet designed to do that very well and are dedicated to chronicling the achievements of guild groups around the game.

I don't frequent these forums particularly regularly. I post even less. As a result, I suspect our visibility may be low. I don't post particularly frequently, but want to post here to make sure people who might be interested in applying don't feel that we aren't interested. I'm not interested in bragging, only extending the invitation for consideration to anyone who hasn't found our recruitment information.

For those who know very little about me...I've been on this realm since it opened. I leveled with the masses. I was still pretty green in all things at the time, but this wasn't my first realm, as I had played a bit on another before this one became available. In fact this character was on that previous realm until realm transfers allowed her to join this realm.

Back then it was a group of friends that played together and as a result did far more small group content than large group content. (I guess AV could be considered large group content, but we were a small group among the masses.) In Burning Crusade we began collaborating with other groups to tackle raid content while still maintaining our small group feel. In Wrath of the Lich King, we decided to shed the small group and went for a raiding guild of our own accord. We still collaborated with guilds to do 25 man content (at least initially) while we maintained our own roster for 10 man content. Finally in Cataclysm, we were free of any collaborative responsibilities and set out to do our best in that environment.

The group doesn't look anything like it did three of four years ago (and certainly not 6-7 years ago) as things change over time and certainly we aren't any different. I had a different main, the majority of people weren't here yet and the realm itself has evolved quite a bit.

And we will continue to evolve. There's always a need for newer members to carry the torch, even if we don't post about it. There's always information to be found. If anyone is interested in discussing any of this, feel free to send me a mail to set up a meeting.

To give a general idea of what we would be expecting.

1. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Monday from 10pm to 1am. (Occassionally we may try to get some extra time in on Sunday, but that's not very often.) Close to 100% attendance expected.

2. We expect people to not be jerks (to us or others they come into contact to, in game and out)

3. We expect people to be dedicated, prepared and in it for the group.

Currently, there are a lot of classes / specs / roles that we could use. (Note: the information below isn't an exhaustive list of what we could use, just the highlights. Don't be discouraged if you don't fit any of these but still have interest in applying).

1. Tanks - We are in a pretty good place for tanks currently, but a Guardian Druid (who also played Feral) would be a nice addition.

2. Healers - Another healer would be a nice addition as well. We can probably make use of just about anything, however, a shaman (who also played Enhance or Elemental) would probably be the most valuable.

3. DPS - This certainly has the biggest laundry list of potential hole fillers. In no particular order (although some with notes), here's some valuable class / specs. Ideally candidates with a heal or tank offspec available to them should be comfortable filling in if needed. We do utilize offspecs a good deal and expect people to be able to provide them.

  • Leather classes: (We could really use one or two leather users)
    Feral (ideally Guardian offspec, or vice versa)
    Rogue (bonus points so daggers are actually a happy time)
  • Mail classes (We could really use one or two mail users)
    Enhancement Shaman
    Elemental Shaman
  • Cloth classes
    Mage (Ideally Fire mainspec / Arcane offspec)
  • Plate classes
    No strong needs right here, but room could potentially be made.
  • Thanks for you time,
    Coalition Victory
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    DPS, where you at?

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    Bump for dps
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    Bump for mo raiders!
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