Lost a pet battle due to turn skipping bug

90 Tauren Druid
This was reported a lot and I thought I'd add few more details. I lose 3 total pet battles, first one with addon and 2 more with NO ADDON.

I had a full hp sea gull and everything I pressed, it did nothing. I used slicing wind, nothing happened during my turn. I used cyclone, nothing happened during my turn. I used hawk eye, nothing happened during my turn. In the meanwhile, the opponent was able to attack me every turn.

I know it is not due to an attack that takes multiple turn, nothing takes 6 turns doing nothing.

I still can't tell exactly what triggers missed turn. It is not button mashing, I used button once. It is not addon, I turned them all off to see if this was reproducable and it is but very rarely.
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90 Night Elf Druid
I have had this problem frequently as well. Mostly it occurs when I try to Switch Pets while the opposing pet is in the middle of a multi-round ability. You wind up losing the turn, and the opposing pet just keeps beating on your pet until it eventually dies.
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100 Troll Warrior
Happening to me frequently enough with the Strand Crawler that I've decided I can't use it. Losing 3 turns in a row is crippling even with tank health and a shield up. Would love to see this fixed.
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100 Undead Warlock
This was listed in the latest round of hotfixes. Keep in mind that the realm may have to be restarted prior to the hotfix taking effect.
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09/30/2012 11:24 AMPosted by Khevyn
This was listed in the latest round of hotfixes. Keep in mind that the realm may have to be restarted prior to the hotfix taking effect.

While it is listed as being fixed, I can confirm it is not. After multiple restarts this week, the turn skipping is still happening. I just had 4 turns in a row skipped while fighting a Strand Crab.
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I've also had this happen to me several times on my Spirit of Competition pet. Hopefully they'll get it on the next round of hotfixes.
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91 Pandaren Monk
I have noticed that this hasnt been fixed yet. It happened to me two pvp battles in a row both times when i was trying to change pets. It hasnt happened in my favor yet :(
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90 Human Monk
Still not fixed. Just chilling out, leveling my Ravager, and every now and then the opponent will have 4-10 turns in a row, for absolutely no reason. It's actually kinda frustrating. Please fix.
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100 Human Warrior
This is still happening. From what I've seen, I know it at least happens when you try to use Capture while your current pet is asleep/stunned and you otherwise would not be able to perform any other action except Pass. In this case, I lost 3 turns to commands not registering (especially repeat Capture commands) well after my pet had been broken out of sleep.
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