Im originally from Tichondrius, and since Mop came out it now has a queue time, i dont want to wait 8-14 minutes to login.. so the free migration server from tich is to Dark Iron.

How is it?

also, can it be changed to Alterac Mountains which is also on the list for KT --> AM ?
*serious posts please*
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Im actually in the same boat as you Lol was hoping to see people's comments. Im guessing its a lot better than tich just might get lonely
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86 Gnome Priest
Yeah. I was wondering as well.
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Pending my way there now, so guess im a Dark Iron-Knee :p
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86 Tauren Druid
This que time for Tich is crazy stupid!!! Dark Iron here i come!!!
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90 Night Elf Warrior
!@#$ might as well
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1 Human Hunter
Well hello Tichondrius!

Dark Iron is a typical lower population PVP realm and the Horde/Ally ratio is pretty even, maybe a little Alliance heavy - and about to get even more so if we're getting transfers from your Alliance leaning server. Not sure what else to say about it. Anything in particular you're wondering about?
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87 Human Warrior
How is the PVP situation there? Is there a lot of arena players/ RBG heroes?
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I'm hardcore player strongly considering xfering and possibly even going horde
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15 Pandaren Monk
I will be coming to Dark Iron
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100 Human Paladin
How is the raiding on this server
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85 Human Death Knight
Coming as well with 4 toons!
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86 Human Warrior
Omw there :)
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100 Worgen Druid
Welcome to DI :D
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Looking for a guild when you get here that does it all? Join us for static rated bg teams / arenas / premades/ dungeons/raids and open world pvp.
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82 Tauren Druid
And I am there .
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Im on Dark iron now. Who wants to start a guild?!??!
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88 Pandaren Shaman
heading over to D/Iron soon 3hrs que times last night on Tich....
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