Who else loves begging tanks to wait?

I don't like asking the group to wait because of shi++y regen, and I do everything that Riot stated and more.

I hate that Blizztard balances the game on the backs of healers.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
For my own sanity I have mostly been running with guildmates. The combination of the end of Cata and the first two dungeons being very easy does not help with expectations. It seems that CC has been completely forgotten also because it was not needed for so long. I take the blame for some of it. I try to read up on the fights and watch videos but as disc and being cool down dependent you really have to experience the fights and see when to use spirit shell etc. This tends to make me overly cautious as a healer the first few runs through a dungeon because I hate letting people die even if it is not my fault.

Unfortunately many people are not patient due to the long que times so they want to be in and out as fast as possible so they can que again. I have a new appreciation for Leap of Faith I have been yelled at for using it but it is better than trying to spam flash heals to keep a dps alive standing in pools of "bad". I have an 85 warlock I will be leveling and I have a tank I am also going to level. I think everyone should play DPS, Healer, and Tank to appreciate what each goes through.
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90 Troll Priest
I am not ashamed to use sfiend/mindbender on trash.
I am not ashamed to use bubble on trash.
I am not ashamed to use Inner Focus on trash.
I am not ashamed to use Power Infusion on trash.
I am not ashamed to use Pain Suppression on trash.
I am not ashamed to use Hymn of Hope on trash.
I am not ashamed to use Spirit Shield on trash.
I am not ashamed to use mana pots/water spirits on trash.
I am not ashamed to let dps sit at 75% health.

I am not ashamed to adjust my playstyle and shake off the bad habits of Cata.
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I agree that as healers we need to use CDs more during the start of an expansion.

This does NOT excuse a tank/dps for pulling after a healer says "drinking" or "oom" or something similar.
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85 Human Death Knight
I use to have a macro for oom. Back during the last expansion when I was capped but my gear wasn't yet up-to the task of keeping a tanktard alive.. My macro would saying something to the effect "Out Of Mana.. I'm stomping to drink feel free to meet me in the graveyard if you can fight on without heals.." Usely gets attention :)
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I've pretty much put my foot down and said I won't queue for heroics until our guild tanks are 90 and can go. I'm tired of getting chain-pulling jerks who yell at me when I have to drink, or pull when I have no mana.
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85 Night Elf Druid
09/28/2012 07:10 AMPosted by Leeiness
I hate that Blizztard balances the game on the backs of healers.

Blizz might put the burden on our backs, but we in turn put it on the backs of our groupmates.

The faster a boss goes down, the less we have to worry about OOMing prematurely, and the more aggressive we can heal. Better DPS drastically improves the well-being of the party.

The less damage the tank is taking, the more healing we can spare for everyone else, and the less total healing we have to do. Better tanking drastically improves the well-being of the party.

You're right, in the end it comes down to us, because we're the only ones in a position to fix the mistakes of the rest of the party. That doesn't mean we shoulder the burden alone.
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90 Pandaren Monk
No one likes waiting.
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9 Night Elf Priest
lol it's all pretty typical for start of expansion healing

You've got to remember as a healer, it's all your fault. The fact that you had to blow your mana on your dumb stand-in-aoe tank and had nothing for the next pull, your fault. And it's all your fault that the rogue saw the boss do a big whirlwind and thought 'great time to walk up to him and stabby stabby'

ehh healing at the start of an xpac makes me jaded. I say just drink and if they want to pull let them eat dirt.
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09/29/2012 12:17 AMPosted by Guandao
No one likes waiting.

And this justifies being an !@# to a healer that is struggling with mana (as blizzard intends)?
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90 Draenei Shaman
This is why I buy drinks, so I don't keep my group waiting- keep your mana up the best as you can, and this is how I keep mine up.

Sure, healers may not necessarily need drinks anymore... but it can't hurt being prepared anyways.
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90 Human Paladin
I've run into a handful of tanks that are like that, but I have no problem asking them to wait.

If he doesn't, then I just stay out of combat, drink, and res if needed. If they have a problem with that and threaten to kick, or some-such, oh well--you're better off doing something else with your time than having to deal with asshats like that.

The only Heroic I've had issues in so far is Shado-Pan Monastery, but I think it's safe to say that heroic is intended to be a "healer check" instance, for a lack of better words to use.
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35 Human Paladin
Well I was doing SM level 90 random last night when the tank decided to pull a whole room full. Damage was extensive and party wide, it was simply impossible to keep everyone alive, we all died. First thing tank said was "healer???" I replied "Tank??? If we weren't all taking damage you might have been alive?" So he went on about how he will go do dailies and not bother without a guild healer and left 0.001 seconds after pressing the enter button.

Well story hasn't changed much since cata has it? Zitty teenagers or adults tanks with no life who dream of self fullfilment in a game of bytes by berating anyone they can. Ah the cowards :)
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90 Pandaren Priest
you might think that it would be obvious that after a huge pull, when the healer somehow managed to keep everyone alive, but is OOM, that waiting a few seconds instead of facepulling again immediately afterward would be obvious. But that is not the case.

I had this happen in H Scholo the other day. I asked the tank repeatedly to let me get mana but he kept chain pulling. We wiped several times because he kept pulling bosses when I was oom. Its downright inconsiderate and disrespectful of tanks to treat healers this way. Everyone is a fresh 90 and in crap gear, but that doesn't seem to enter into the thoughts of most people.

It doesn't help when impatient DPS keeps demanding that the tank "gogogo." I've even seen people with toon names such as "Gostupidtank." Why can't we all take the Pandaran advice of "Slow down!"
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87 Draenei Shaman
"You can't heal stupid."
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90 Night Elf Druid
Got kicked for going OOM because tank couldn't figure out how to NOT stand in !@#$ ... I <3 MoP
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90 Worgen Druid
Luckily nobody's yelled at me for stopping to drink yet. The first two dungeons of MoP I didn't need to unless the rogue and tank stood in the elemental pools the whole time. Shado-Pan, I keep getting bad tanks. All three dps end up with aggro as well, so they all lose health at the same speed, and tank blames me for a wipe on trash. I will pop CDs if necessary unless it's right before a painful boss (like the last one of Shado-Pan). What also sucks is when, during a boss fight, there's an add or three on me the whole time. Sure I can stop some of them with entanglement, but it's not cool to have to work with that.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I haven't had issues begging tanks to wait, but I am mashing my drink button when I leave combat to drink if I need to. (And a lot less often with just a few pieces of decent gear, than fresh into heroics at 90.) I maintain that if they'll just let me drink up to a decent amount of mana once or twice a run, I won't have to stop often or at all. But if they only let me drink the bare minimum to get by, yeah I'm gonna have to stop several times.
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90 Tauren Druid
1; drink the second you leave combat. Don't follow them to the next mob. He pulls without a healer, his fault.
2; I'm sick and tired of people who post on a level 1 character that they seemingly made for the sole purpose of only posting on the forum.

If you want answers or help, post on the character in question.
Certain classes of healers are suffering far more than others in the mana department.

Being a main spec healer, who also leveled and geared up his Resto Druid with a Tank spec, which also happens to be in Heroic gear, I understand both sides of the coin here.

From everything I have seen, Disc priest have the only gripe when it comes to mana regen.

Otherwise, the only times mana is an issue is mechanical failures by dps/tank/healer.
I have yet to see a healer, of ANY class, not go OOM or very very close to it, on the first two pulls after the second boss in Heroic Shadow Pan.

And quite simply it's all mechanical and situational awareness. One for DPS who sit in shadow breath or get caught in exploding mobs, and Two, you should know where/when to expect major damage.
Blow a major cooldown that in the longrun, costs you less mana than spamming lesser heals.
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