Anybody else totally miserable leveling?

90 Blood Elf Monk
Monks have an ability that is only used on NPC's.

Why can't they give healers a "fireball" that is only used on NPC's? Then certain abilities can play off of it, like holy shock increases haste of "fireball", ect.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
It took e almost 20min to get through the very first quest right off the aire ship in MoP while i had ret pally and dk right next me pulling 10 things at a time and it would take me 15-20 smite to kill one thing and for them it like 3 spells of their sword to kill all 10 and if i accidentally p[ulled more then 1 (several time this happened) it would take so long to kill them by the time i killed the 2nd one the 1st one had already re-spawned and was attacking me again and when i went back to switch to disc hopeing it would be easier it just got worse and took longer.
i had a holy pally standing next to me and was spamming exorcism and was kill the mobs faster
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85 Goblin Priest
Well that's just plain not true. If a healer could do good damage at the same time as doing good healing then yes, you'd have a point. For example, if I could do 20k HPS at the same time as doing 20k DPS, then yes, that would make DPS classes fairly obsolete.

But that's not what anyone is asking for

Its 100% true. People are specifically asking for more DPS while keeping the same amount of healing. The fact that you can't do both simultaneously is irrelevant because the potential would be there if you could do both.

It's not irrelevant. You cannot do both, so it doesn't matter if healers can do more DPS. A healer still cannot maintain 20k HPS at the same time as 20k DPS. This is the same argument people used to try to justify the "hybrid tax". It just doesn't hold up to logic and scrutiny.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
I leveled my Disc priest to 80 so far, without ever using Shadow at all.
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1 Blood Elf Rogue
It's miserable. I'm not even sure I'm going to bother trying to grind rep and dailies on my paladin just because questing as holy is so brutally obnoxious and unlike the shamans and priests and druids who just happen to be conscientious objectors or some such nonsense, I don't even get the option to respec into damage without farming a whole new set of gear.
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90 Pandaren Priest
I have leveled to 89 with only holy. Only because I am OCD about stuff like this. Getting to 86 was a fun story line with some annoying grinding. 87 was fine although a little sketchy in places like Sha of Despair. 88 was rough , but fun. 89 and I need to rethink some things.

I am about ¼ way to 90. Getting good use out of fear and rooting abilities, grabbed some more appropriate glyphs for solo questing. If anything it has made me a better player. I feel like I have too much spirit not enough int, crit, and haste for what I am attempting. Was not a problem until the last few quests. I can see a big difference in numbers with buffs, especially food buffs. I am ok with blizzard making leveling 89 to 90 a challenge, and making things like gear matter, I hope they do not nerf that content.
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