Resto Druid DPS

90 Night Elf Druid
Feels very Vanilla going between cat/bear/caster form! I also really like how I'm able to do 8-10k DPS on some boss fights, while keeping the group topped off. Awesome :)

Mangle was an excellent addition to the Balance/Restoration spellbooks.
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100 Troll Druid
its fun in resto but, while sounds good for balance i havent used it at all in pve or pvp kinda crappy....

because of GCD u cant even utilize it when u get a 4-5 second silence, because going catform 1.5gcd then back to moonkin 1.5gcd thats 3 sec and what then u get 1 mangle in? if their close and u are perfectly timed.

otherwise a gcd filler on the run 1 moonfire spam is better.

bash isnt nesasery for bear

infact i no longer use bearform except for laststand.

catform for speed/displacer beast and stealth and the oddd pounce here and there.

but all in all it feels good in resto but for balance is bleak...
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2 Blood Elf Warlock
everthing is fine.
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100 Troll Druid
This is definitely something I want people to consider. If you're finding healing too easy, help out your group; you'd be surprised how much you can contribute.

Here's the DPS meters of a dungeon just now. Remember, I'm healing and DPSing. No one died :)

Final boss fight (no lust):
Overall dungeon:

"Your group was terrible!" - yeah that's not my point. I'm showing you how you can keep your group alive and help the run go faster :)

This isn't really viable in raiding and also not in heroics while you're gearing up, but give it a try. It adds a new dimension to grinding dungeons :)
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90 Troll Druid
I'm actually leveling as a kitty, but in resto spec. It's wonderful. Moonfire/wrath spam takes about 3 times as long to kill something, and when I'm alone I use the treants to heal me up, when I dungeon, I switch to incarnation. I'm really loving the changes to druids this xpac!!
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90 Night Elf Druid
For those of you like myself doing restokitty make sure you have a "feral" weapon equipped. The base dps from those weapons make soloing as resto a breeze. I heal instances even with my feral weapon. Nobody has ever even got close to dying, though I'm expecting this to change during heroics...only time will tell. I too enjoy the 22k crit mangles and 52+k crit fb as resto =P.
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