<Prodigy> was recently established this year, our core players have been playing together since pre 4.2 and have stayed close friends ever since. Our group of raiders have relocated to different guilds multiple times, and finally decided to re-unite and start our own. Our main focus is PvE, but we also are active in PvP content.

What we offer:

-An active Vent

-Experienced/helpful players

-Minimal drama

-Guild repairs

-Active raiding

-Arenas/ BGs

We are looking primarily for 2 healers, and 2 ranged dps; although any may join and try out for a position. We are going to try and start raiding the first weekend of October. If you need help getting geared, we run heroic dungeons every night for a few hours, and we can help with almost any enchant/gem you may need.

To join just whisper me, or Obulisk and we will send you and invite. Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy MoP ^.^
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