Temple of Kotmogu Suggestions

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In the new BG Temple of Kotmogu, I believe the game-play can benefit greatly from adding some sort of indication to the map of which color orb is in what corner.

Coordinating kills with pick-ups along with calling out spawns, power-ups, and overall strategy can benefit greatly from this small change.

Thoughts?, suggestions?
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90 Human Paladin
More hand holding aids is the last thing this game needs.

The only problem with this map is that holding the orbs and farming kills is the only point........ Effectivly its a FFA map, and while I had previously thought that this would be intresting,, its not as great as I would have hoped..

A few things that have made it kinda borring are Healers and massive game imbalance with BM hunters and Mages. A lot of the other classes are fine IMO,, but those two stick out as totally absurd.

Warrior mobility and Control are a little over the top, and can see this being nerfed.

WARRIOR DAMAGE IS FINE, if you are going to cry about warriors,, its not the damage that they have thats the problem, its the totally silly amount of controll and mobility they have.

If they lost just a little of both,,, not all of it, not a lot of it............ they would be fine IMO..

Mages,, well congrats too you for having a class that scaled up so well.. Wish my or any other class could have.

BM hunters, like mages your damage is just op as hell, and thats that.

All the other classes, best of luck.

Now before it can be said.......... "resilience" will fix it.......... LOL, or LVL 90 will fix it. Right.......

Season 13 will fix it....... oh wait,, the next expac will fix it,, I hadforgotten that its only 1.5 years away.
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90 Human Death Knight
And that is how potentially good discussions die.

I'll take the risk of troll bait here, and say this is not about balance or hand holding, simply about making a suggestion that will help make this battleground more enjoyable and easier to strategize going forward.
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I like it.
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