Any other healers DPSing in Heroic LFD

90 Goblin Shaman
i had the same dream last night, then i woke up and realized no.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Most fights are ok, but a few will drain you.

Heroic shado pan sha trash, and the trash before the last boss is pretty Mana intensive.

The sha boss in Shado Pan with the adds also seems to die just as I go completely oom with a few people sitting at half health or lower.

Other than that no real issues in guild groups. Pugs however will always be pugs...

I was doing Siege of Nizaou because I need the boots from the last boss. Tank charges into the first pack while I'm still zoning in. He then proceeds to chain pull the packs around the tree. We manage to get them down because a wonderful rogue was interrupting the amber Sapper (the add that creates the amber domes)

I say in chat Im oom (after 4 reckless trash pulls) but hero tank already pulls the boss. So I pop all my mana CDs and get to half mana, as well as being the only one taking stacks to stop the ooze from growing. We down the boss with me oom again, and tank drops group after loot.

I can only guess he didn't get the item he wanted. At least it finally gave me time to drink x.x
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