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Thanks to Mayo for finding this. I'm copying it into a new thread with an easily-identified title, and will do my best to get it stickied. Also going to try to find links to Greytusks's old videos, and anything else any Aggramar people can think of.

Song draw (23) things. ^^ 08/25/2006 09:59:26 AM PDT

Hi hi. ^^ How is Aggramar today? ^^

<- This Song look very strange. ^^;;

Song post fall off Aggramar again, so Song post again. ^^

Astranaar still very safe, so Song have time to draw things in sand. This thread for happy Aggramar and hugging fuzzy Tauren. ^^

/hide :
Song meet many Rogues. Many Rogues kill Song. ^^; Pez, Psylence, Viscera, Lethal, Viscera, Kunoichi, Hatok, Viscera, Nightdagger, Ocular, Deca, Whoa, Viscera, and more Rogues. Rogues like Song, maybe. ^^;

/feed :
Words by real shout in Astranaar. ^^

/shiver :
Ayup first Tauren Song hug. ^^ Ayup very fuzzy. ^^

/confused :
Song meet Prophet once. ^^ Prophet very dangerous. Prophet also very small. Song confused. ^^;;

/sheep :
No Gnomes in Astranaar. Song sometimes happy for this. ^^;;

/gnome :
Song meet more Gnomes. ^^ Gnomes very strange. Gnomes also not fuzzy like Tauren. ^^;

/fish :
Tauren fish for fish, so Song fish for Tauren. ^^

/think :
Song draw silly now. ^^ Song also draw Prophecy wrong, yes? ^^; Yukiri very much more shiny now. Prophecy control Prophecy now. Old drawing. ^^;;

/guest :
Ayup guess guests are Paagnio, Silentium, Roderic, Greytusks, Nihongrra, Ishy, Ayup. Ayup very smart and fuzzy. ^^

/festival :
Festival time for getting along. Hard for some to get along, maybe. ^^;

/lub :
Ayup spend very long time with Jaine, maybe. Song hope Ayup not do things to regret. ^^;;;
Oh, Song post link to baby post too, but baby post fall off forums. ^^;

/hug :
page 1 :
page 2 :
page 3 :
page 4 :
page 5 :
page 6 :
page 7 :
page 8 :
Only one guest this time, can spot maybe? ^^ Song sorry for wait. ^^;; Song sleep again now. ^^

zzzzzzzzzzzzzz... zzzzzz... zzz.. zz.. ^^

/stab :
Song teach Hunters how to fight! But some things change over years, yes? ^^;

/shoot :
Song teach more about Rogues. ^^ Rogues very angry sometimes. Song learn something, maybe? ^^

/scratch :
Lunar Festival start now. ^^ Horde and Alliance have fun together in Moonglade, yes? ^^

/hunter :
Song need learning about Hunters before teaching about Hunters, so Song find shiny Grand Marshal. PvP wrong place to go, maybe? ^^;

Song thank all Forums and Aggramar for being nice place to be. ^^

Song thank all who wave to Song. ^^ Song thank Rogues for stabbing Song. ^^ Song thank Silentium, Paagnio, Nihongrra and many more for making Forums nice place to be. ^^ Mostly, Song thank Ayup for making Song Song. ^^

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Greytusks videos:

Ironforge Dance Party

08/26/2014 07:06 AMPosted by Irongreytusk
Adding more Vanilla Vids I have trailing around:

Tarren Mill vs South Shore nights, and stuff. Year 1, all the way back from 2005.

Oh and I might as well add the one where we crashed the server trying to raid Stormwind, with a 30 seconds delay for any action on the battlefield.

Find answers to questions about Mage mechanics in
Lhivera’s Compendium •
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no one cares
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09/30/2012 06:44 AMPosted by Lhivera
08/25/2006 09:59:26 AM PDT

I enjoyed seeing it come up again because I first read it many many years ago. But I guess I can't expect much more from kids
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Thank you SO much for putting this in an easy to find spot! I wish we had more from the old forum days. I miss the Greytusks dance fiascoes as well as seeing Prophecy decked out in purples when no one knew purple existed hehe!

Lots of memories in that Song thread...thanks again for posting it up!
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90 Dwarf Hunter
Best use of sticky ever. Love it.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
This thread reminds me of how cool and interesting the Aggy boards used to be...

...and at the same time, why I haven't bothered to check them in a year or two.
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92 Dwarf Hunter
Calendal! Hello! Haven't seen that Vorpal tag as much as I'd like.... The old NbN/VB/AL MC alliance days were a blast, hope you're well.
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These boards are nothing more than GENTLEMEN WALRUS stroking themselves off on every post. Nothing more.
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