The Heralds of Azeroth are LFM (Alliance)

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Are you new to World of Warcraft and finding questing and the Dungeon Finder lonely? Are you a veteran of the game who longs for the sense of community that was once so dominant in the game, but seems to have fallen by the way side with the advent of the Dungeon Finder and Looking For Raid systems? Then The Heralds of Azeroth on Eldre'thalas may be just the guild for you! We are looking for active, social, chatty, community minded players to join us as we peer through the Mists of Pandaria and discover what the future has to offer!

The Heralds of Azeroth was established in Classic WoW. We were active in all aspects of the game - questing, five mans, PvP, and even had a presence in raiding from Zul'Gurub to the beginning of Blackwing Lair and Ahn'Qiraj. We've decided to reignite the flame of THOA as a casual, friends and family guild, with an RP element. We will be utilizing the in game calendar to post guild events every Wednesday and Sunday - guild events may be random five mans, scenarios, group PvP, or given enough interest, either queuing for Looking For Raid as a group, or forming an actual guild raid. It should be noted that raiding will be a natural progression of our community activities, and not the focus of our guild. As our guild and the characters of the Guild Masters have their roots in a short story, role players are very welcome among us, and all guild members are encouraged to use our forums to develop and post lore for their characters. Above all, we're looking to form a fun, friendly, interactive community - We hope you choose to join us in game!

If you are interested in joining us, please use the in game Guild Recruitment UI to send a membership request or apply at . Upon receiving your request, guild leadership will then /friend your character or e-mail you so that we may speak with you further about joining.
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