I've been raiding with Schaden since it was founded out of Coup de Grace, but now my work schedule has shifted and I can't consistently be on time for raids anymore, and I'm looking into other guilds. I cannot assure being on-time for any raid that starts before 8 PM server time, so this isn't exceptionally late--just later than most guilds prefer to raid.

As my raid history will show, Schaden was a much better guild during WotLK than it was during Cataclysm; we had both attendance problems and legacy raiders who no longer had interest in pushing themselves. I'm looking for a guild that will be making solid progression into hard modes while they remain current, and I'm willing to help establish a new guild as long as the leadership have a solid history.

My main spec has always been Protection, but I'm willing to play as Retribution if needed. I have neither interest nor experience at Holy. I have one alt at 85, a Balance Druid, but little experience playing the character and haven't followed druids in Pandaria, so it'd take time before I could join in any alt runs.