LF general Ret PvP tips from the Pros.

90 Blood Elf Paladin
So, I've always played this guy as Holy. I've dabbled in Ret, but never anything serious. Since I've had no practice, I'm pretty bad right now. XD

I'm looking for general Ret PvP tips. I think I've got my rotation down pretty well. I use CLCRet as a guide.

A couple of starting questions:

1) Should I -always- keep Inquisition up, or save it for longer fights?

2) Any tips on when to use HoJ and Blinding Light to maximize their potential?

3) How low do you allow yourself to get before using Holy Power to heal with WoG's, rather than on offensive abilities? Do you use Flash of Light in a fight? Seems like a small heal for a huge percentage of mana.

4) Use Divine Shield to heal up, or attack through it since our damage output is greater than our healing output?

5)Is there a general "good time" to try a burst (i.e. HoJ, pop all cooldowns, etc...)? Start of fight? Below 50 percent? etc.

I'm sure I have a ton more questions, but these are the basics. Feel free to toss in anything you think is relevant whether I asked or not. Links to vids/guides would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Always inquisition. The bulk of our damage is holy, and it's also 10% crit.

Use HoJ when you're bursting on someone, blinding light is just an aoe cc, use it similar to what you'd use arcane torrent for.

When you start healing is personal. Don't use flash of light in combat unless you can fake cast, or you have selfless healer. The mana isn't really an issue.

Use it offensively if you're close to a kill. If you're using it to heal, you're probably better off using it to run first, then heal.
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93 Human Paladin
Ill just tell you some tips on how I play and its works well.

First off always have inq up unless in the small occasions you need the hp for healing. I dont use hammer of justice right away in a fight ever, either I wait for them to pop cds or after i get an enemy down 20-30% or so, kinda when they start to notice the damage and play more offensively, you can usually tell when a player does this. I use glyph of blinding light and it becomes an aoe stun. I use that as an interupt or if im being chased. I use selfless healer so it takes the strain off of using hp to heal. Also I use exicutioners sentence as a self heal more than I do damage. With word of glory, proc'd flash of light, health poition and E.S. cast on myself, I usually get can back up to full health from very low. Dont use flash of light without proc from selfless healer unless you have no hp, potions, and no immediate threat.Divine shield is very situational. For instance on a hunter, I might use it right away and charge him, build up as much hp as i can, than stun him the second bubble is down and pop cds. Basically you have 2 choices with divine shield...You can use it when you get low but you better have Hp, flash of light proc, and the other heal cds ready to go...unless you can kill him while in bubble, you need healing. Otherwise you use bubble as an early get out of damage free card on the enemy. Dont use this technique on mage unless its last resort because of their shield and our damage cut in half.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
My ret pally partner blows all her cooldowns on a target then plays defensive while she waits for them to come back up. I like to think of her as a 30 second assassin :3
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90 Tauren Paladin
*Incoming Wall o text*

Wouldn't class myself as a pro but willing to give a few tips,

Inq Always up,

I personally use Blinding light to interrupt heals (because you always kill the healer first :P) same with arcane torrent, sometimes HoJ aswell but that's more situational.

Usually i burst as much as i can then somewhat play defensive, Divine shield,heal,heal,WoG's Etc. You can use Holy Avenger (provided you chose it, unless you like RNG) to get lots of WoG's mind you its all situational.

i use a macro with "/cast Divine Protection /cast Devotion Aura" against casters, makes me feel like i last a little longer towards the end or middle of the fight :]

Takes a little to get use to Ret PvP (at least it did for me)

Hope some of that helps >_<
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