Monday (10/1)

100 Dwarf Death Knight
Happy October everyone!

It's Monday, October 1st, 2012. And does this mean I have to start getting ready for Halloween?

[IG] Been playing Og a little less this weekend in order to help reduce any burnout I feel already from playing WoW so much. I'm getting him geared at a decent pace, even though I've had warrior and paladin tanks ninja some of the gear. I don't mind them rolling on it, but a little notification would be nice :(

[RL] WOW it is actually chilly this morning. And it feels good!


How are y'all doin' today?
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10/01/2012 05:37 AMPosted by Ogumel
Happy October everyone! Rent is due.

RL: {rage}

IG: {nerdrage} On the light side a friend paid for me to change my paladin's dumb name. No idea what the hell I was thinking with that one.

@Silversol 125 levels here. Oy. At least it's only 40 difficult ones.

And even though I am super grumpy and hate the world today...

Edited by Bite on 10/1/2012 6:20 AM PDT
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90 Undead Rogue
Well hit 90 over the weekend. an I am NOT impressed with Rogues. I seem to be like a hunter waiting on Energy, maybe it's my set up. i'll check Noxxic later. So deciding on the SPriest with the Bada** inscription weapons, or the JC with the nice gem cuts. Decisions, decisions.

Off to class.

bacon maple bars, an homemade apple fritters, i leave for you all


Well the fritters, the bacons MINE!!!

/tar Bite

/tar Sents
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100 Night Elf Mage
Morning (almost noon) all. Finally gotten into the game. Been looking for all the scrolls of the lore and found quite a few. Been getting some great gear and dying a lot :-). Got so mad yesterday at not being able to finish one quest that my cat actually woke up and stared at me, like I am the crazy one. Ha! Anyway it is kind of weird when you are in an area and a lot of folks are doing the same quest and you get the complete by just throwing in a hit or two on whatever the other person is fighting (it is helpful to lazy people like me). I do not mind when they get credit off my kills either so all is fine. Met a few nice people and ran into an old friend from years ago last night. Met way too many a$$hats as well.

I have to apologize to the Pandarian on his huge mount that I said something bad to. Seems swearing is not accepted by everyone. hehe. I can be a b1tch at times.
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86 Night Elf Priest
Did a bit more questing on Blue on Saturday, and there is one thing that is good - because I'm not level-capped any more, I'm not mana-strangled either. Void Tendrils also make a lot of difference. Yes, it's 99% [Smite] spam (because Holy Fire and SW:Pain are about the only other useful ones and SW:Death only works when they're low now), so I can snooze through most of it.

And miracle of miracles, through kiting - me, a priest, kiting?! - I actually survived a real mess of a pull. One mob decided to path around something instead of the usual through, picked up one buddy who apparently was tied to three more WITH minions. Then I foolishly fearbombed them in every which direction. (Seriously people ... when something I fear runs away so fast it is out of my Holy Spell range ... *SIGH* and WHY have they never fixed it so I can cast Holy spells further and Shadow spells shorter? Lame-O!)

Anyway, had to genuinely love Void Tendrils and LoS when dealing with the many mobs as I alternately killed, feared, stunned and ran. ROFL. Also, I'm not sure what the other Alliance passing me doing their own questing thought of my mess. Most of them seemed to just ignore me and my mobs.

OH! For anyone who cares, it's not back up yet, but I'm making further progress on the wowfiction site. That won't be the name any more; it will be wowrpfiction. Once it's back up and running, I'll be asking for any ideas on making it easier to use, more appealing, etc. Maybe it will never be anything but a repository of existing stories, but hey, if there's a chance it can spark some interest in adding more - wonderful.

Anyway ... I'll hush about it until I know it's actually up and accessible.

What IS up and accessible - SentinelsWiki. (NOTE: If you have any issues creating or using a login, let me know. I have been keeping the site clean of spammers, but might be overly aggressive about blocking logins. Email me at this gal's name at the googly mail place and I'll make sure your login isn't blocked.)

Good morning Sentinels!


/tar bite
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100 Gnome Warlock
I spent some time yesterday leveling. Got halfway through to 87, then went off to outlands to play pokewow. Need to get another level on my pets to take out the main trainer out there to be finished with that.

As to seeing people in trouble Blue? I stopped and helped so many people that looked like they were having a tough time, of course when I got in trouble, not so much. But, it's alright, at least I know I helped someone, and maybe, just maybe, they went and helped someone else.

Whelp, back to the crazy software upgrade that happened over the weekend, nothing like an irate group of mental health professionals letting you know what they think of the new version of a piece of software, /sigh.
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100 Blood Elf Mage
I saw a Sarahgadi while questing. I hugged her then ran off. Then went afk.
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100 Blood Elf Mage
Also, one group of alliance has finished a challenge mode.
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100 Night Elf Mage
10/01/2012 12:48 PMPosted by Prodon
I saw a Sarahgadi while questing. I hugged her then ran off. Then went afk.

Awww, I am sorry I missed you. :-((

I will be more observant in the future. I get lost when questing and forget to look at the combat/general logs as they scroll by. My guild mates let me know I missed things from time to time. ;-)
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