Welcome to xO Gaming! We are the WoW branch of the large xO community! Our goal is to become a successful guild with a dedicated raid team, a skilled and cunning PVP section, and to become a face for the xO community in World Of Warcraft!

We are currently looking for a Frost DK and a ranged DPS in order to complete our 10m casual group. Our raid times are Friday and Saturday 8-11pm EST. Whisper me in-game for more information on the group.

We currently have:
Blood DK Tank
Resto Shaman Healer
Prot Warrior Tank
Warlock Afflic DPS
Holy Paladin Healer
Shadow Priest DPS (Third Heals if needed)
Ret Paladin DPS (Third Tank if needed)
Rogue DPS

Thank you for the time,
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