The huge flaw with Golden Lotus Rep


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09/30/2012 09:52 AMPosted by Kardax
All of these threads regarding reputation have valid points. The problem is, Blizzard isn't listening. They were told these EXACT SAME THINGS on beta. It's not like nobody tested the content and it's a work in progress. It's what they want, unfortunately.

Beta? You mean the free Diablo 3 program?
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Nothing about dailies are hard, they're just time consuming, tedious, and for the most part, unfun. I'm not doing dailies because I want to, I'm doing them because I have to in order to get gear.

Blizzard, you really love to take one step forward and two back.

This. Unfun. Grindy.
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Nothing about dailies are hard, they're just time consuming, tedious, and for the most part, unfun. I'm not doing dailies because I want to, I'm doing them because I have to in order to get gear.

Blizzard, you really love to take one step forward and two back.

This. Unfun. Grindy.

unfun, grindy, and by the time I get to the 450 gear I wont need it. i am already running heroics. Why even have the 450 gear? Not to mention, why does the revered gear cost JP? The only efficent means of getting JP is to run heroics.

2 hours of day running dailies ... what I am really looking forward too is doing it on my 7 alts. lol, i managed to get 4 or 5 through the firelands doldrums ...
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I want to add one other point about the dailies ...

Bliz has gone about trying to make the game easier, boss guides, no skill choices, very basic rotations etc etc. Then they go and add this type of gating to reps, which you have to spend time researching via google and the forums exactly how you can grind the rep. The Faction rep gating is extremely non intuitive, and borders on obtuse. Factor in the specific quest lines that have to be completed in order for any of the gating to actually occur ... man its a mess.

A very small percentage of players are at 90, wait til the masses start catching up and this issue really starts to boil over.

EDIT: An example , The quest Pandaren Prisoners was bugged or something when i was there on wednesday or thursday ... i skipped it and went on. Welll come to find out, that by not doing that quest, I missed a large quest line for the shado-pan, that I am now going back through. I only found this out by researching online, how to unlock the shado-pan dailies.
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I recall hitting 90 and going to the shrine and picking up the quests, and saw that shado pan and celestials both require you to be revered with Golden Lotus, I blinked twice and made sure to reread and yep. Seems like a way to retain subs so content doesnt get consumed far too quickly.
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ITT: Casuals crying that they won't be on gear parity with hardcore players in the same amount of time?

Also good if people quit WoW because it actually takes a few weeks to gear up outside of Heroics which you should be running since its ilvl 463. The only rep you need are for vanity items or proff/whatever and theirs more then enough people in guilds and on servers that already have the patterns at the end of week 1.

I can't wait for tomorrow when casuals are complaining that the LFR isn't available for another week and "Hardcore Elitists" are already running normal/Hard modes.

That's not what people are saying at all. The main complaints are that the dailies gate off shado-pan and august celestials dailies and are boring. And that by the time people unlock the gear from the rep vendors it will be obsolete BECAUSE they are already raiding and will have better gear. It's people who raid who are upset about this because they essentially are grinding rep for gear that will not be good for them once they start downing bosses. You can clear a raid in a week and get some gear, or you can grind golden lotus for a month and then shado-pan for another two months to finally get gear that's on par or worse than what you got from raiding.

Perhaps read the comments in the thread before commenting yourself.
I think the best solution would be to allow "Rested XP" style bonuses to a reputation you're currently working on.
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09/30/2012 11:25 PMPosted by Holified
Lol the quests arent hard no !@#$, but players WORKING for the rep to exalted is the complaint here. Who cares?! Put forth some damn effort, if not then good, you dont deserve any of the perks that come from them or even being able to raid.

wow you arent very bright... FYI... people will be raiding and have full raid sets before a lot of people are even done these rep grinds. ...

Real raiders arent going to even bother with reps, its a waste of time. Farm Anger and Warband... epics for everyone. People who do bother, wont get access to the blues until they have better from plenty of other sources. the Recipes come from Klaxxi which is easy to hey to honored. ...

The petty rewards from Shadopan and Celestials is garbage by the time you have access to them.

Dont try to say this makes sense. It doesnt. ... You sir are blind...
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I mean consider this. LFR is out in another week. ... How long will it take for people to have a set of LFR gear that's better than rep rewards?

Again, What is the point of gating these reps? How again does this make the game HARD? Its a rep grind, therefore its just like vanilla and its HARD!!! LOLZ ...

How about this, its content people will skip and ignore in favor of heroics, until they can get gear from LFR, Normals and World bosses. And No one cares how "Hard" it is. They will get their gear just the same.

So spend your many weeks farming this rep for Transmog gear people will laugh at you for getting. Enjoy your "leetness" Holified.
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Perhaps it's been mentioned above but I didn't read the entire thread but agree with the OP in general.

Why after making such a big deal of the change to a weekly cap for valor in Cataclysm and telling us how not "feeling like you have to log in every day" was a big quality of life improvement (it was) we get the very same company designing an entire expansion going back to making people feel like the need to play DAILY.

Making content drag because there is a group of people who will burn through it quickly does nobody any favors. Those people will still burn through it at max rate while other people may just burn out.
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I don't think a "rested xp" is the answer. I think the answer is much simpler ... the blue gear should be available at honored for GOLD, not JP. And you shouldn't need to get Rev with GL before opening the AC and SP dailies.

AND give us tabards for additional exp.
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10/01/2012 12:12 PMPosted by Awdree
blue gear should be available at honored for GOLD, not JP

I think the gold vs jp is a moot point. Rep is the issue, not currency.
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