Aspìre is recruiting for its PvP section! We are starting to plan out our rated battleground composition, and looking for full time pvp players to fill those spots. The composition will be more detailed as the season goes on, but for now we are looking for some dps, and a healer. Our times are not certain, but looking towards the times of Saturday 8pm EST - 11pm EST and Sunday 7pm EST - 9pm EST

Here are some guidelines that must be followed to be in the rated battleground group:

1. Full Time PvP: You must be working towards your conquest cap every week, and doing arenas to get your ranking up.

2. Join Arenas: I will most likely be basing the people who are going on the rated BG groups on resilience/gear and arena rating. I will be increasing the requirement for every season depending on how well we do.

3. Determination: Do you want to be gladiator? Do you want to be high warlord? Show me. Be consistently farming gear and arena rating.

Like I said, I will have a set 10 people, and you will have to find your own arena teams if you cannot find them in guild. Your entry in rated battlegrounds, because there is limited spots will be based on resilience/gear and arena rating.

If you are interested please add: kybo10#1226 for battletag, add me in game, or reply to this post. Thank you very much for reading!
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