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90 Worgen Death Knight
Hi everyone! I'm the guild leader of This is a Wipe, a guild that formed in April of this year and has climbed up to max level in only about 4.5 months, just in time for Mists of Pandaria! The guild spawned out of a raid team that was assembled via searching public channels, but once we found one another we knew we had something special, and we've been raiding together ever since.

Unfortunately some of our members are busier than they were over the summer during Dragon Soul progression and can't commit to raiding schedules at the current time, so we are needing to find some capable players that would like to raid and are interested in joining up with us. With Mogu'shan Vaults releasing in only 24 hours, we are hoping to find people ready to get started immediately, because we as a guild are hungry to devour new encounters.

A little bit about us:

  • Created 4/13/2012, 168 characters in the guild from 51 unique accounts
  • 7 Guild Bank tabs, guild repairs set at levels appropriate to activity. During heroic raid progression you can count on repairs coming out of the bank, not your pocket.
  • An amazing tabard
  • Active Ventrilo
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful group of active players. We like being good at what we do so we host a friendly competitive atmosphere, we sit on training dummies and minmax our DPS, we take care of eachother when it comes to gems and enchants.
  • _

    For those of you interested in raiding, for the last tier our raids took place on Wednesday, Friday, and Monday nights at 8pm server time. We are currently looking for all roles. Tanks, Healers, and DPS of a capable skill level interested in clearing content and pushing Heroic fights right away!

    Contact us in-game by doing "/who This is a Wipe" (without the quotes.) We have some night owls and some early birds so there should be at least someone on most of the time to talk to. Don't be shy! Get in touch, talk to us if you're interested! We look forward to hearing from you!

    Hope you guys are having a great time in the new expansion, we're all really pumped to be playing together and hope you're interested in joining the party. :)
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    90 Worgen Death Knight
    Bumping because we really need a 2nd tank badly right now! We could actually use just about anything, a healer for sure and ranged dps, but without a good 2nd tank a group is gonna have problems! Please if you're interested in semi-hardcore raid tanking and heroic progression, get in touch!

    Take care of yourselves, Argent Dawn. Grats and much envy to the guilds clearing content already. :)
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    92 Human Priest
    Good to see a guild I pugged with that didn't suck on AD didnt break yet. Nice raiders. I'm working on my AD tank, taking my time however. Though I may be interested since my main raid nights here are sat,sun.
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    90 Human Paladin
    Might be able to hook you up with a prot pally (me), and a warlock. but we're a package deal. looking for a new home for pandaria. the warlock's name is tzipora (argent dawn). I'm on Laughing skull atm, but i transfere regularly between AD and LS. So I would have no qualms with hoping over.

    what's your current team look like, class wise?
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    90 Worgen Death Knight
    Thank you both for the responses! I honestly didn't expect to catch many eyes with the forum post but also have been too busy in-game to stand around in cities spamming chat channels, so I gave it a shot and what do you know? :)

    10/07/2012 11:48 AMPosted by Vallure
    Good to see a guild I pugged with that didn't suck on AD didnt break yet. Nice raiders. I'm working on my AD tank, taking my time however. Though I may be interested since my main raid nights here are sat,sun.

    Thanks! We enjoyed running with you so if you get that AD tank up and running and would like to tank some raids, it's one of the roles we have the least of so get in touch, we'll have a spot for you somewhere surely!

    10/08/2012 08:13 PMPosted by Amadrine
    what's your current team look like, class wise?

    I already talked to you at-length in game so most of your questions I covered but I didn't get to this directly. As it stands if you and your friend come along this Thursday we'd be running the following raid composition:

    Tanks -- Blood DK, Prot Paladin
    Heals -- Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman, Discipline Priest
    Melee -- Arms/Fury Warr, Combat Rogue
    Ranged -- Demonology Warlock, Balance Druid, Fire Mage
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    90 Worgen Death Knight
    Bumping because we are short a healer for tomorrow night's raid!

    10/11/2012 @ 8pm Eastern (Server) time

    we'll be doing Mogu'shan Vaults on normal 10 man difficulty, and due to one of our healers being too busy to prepare their character this week, we need someone to stand in for him this week.

    Please be 460 or so item level and experienced in raid-level healing to some degree. /who This is a Wipe and get in touch with someone from guild if you're interested in coming along!
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    90 Draenei Paladin
    Bump, our raid group 1 has been formed and has started working on Mogu'shan Vaults, but we're still looking for more raiders so we can create additional 10-man raids. If interested, drop us a line!
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