The Core is a 10 man hardcore raiding group that is running two 10 man groups. Currently we have one group that is already fully set and we are recruiting for the second group. We are looking for players that are dedicated to progression, have a strong raiding background, ready to raid and be prepared with consumables, and knowing your class and possibly gearing for off spec in future. We want to make sure we start out strong and get a core group going that are able to stick together and work well together. All of our raiders come from strong raiding guilds and have experience. We also have a really laid back environment that is drama free.

Like mentioned before we are recruiting for another 10 man group in which we need the following


1 Healer pref. Priest
1 Off tank, pref.a druid but can take any
2 Range DPS pref. Shadow Priest
Either way we need a priest

In order to prepare for the entry raids, we require everyone who applying to have at least an item level of 455. After you contact me via whisper or in game mail, Ill get back to you and set up a mini interview just to feel you out. We don't require anyone to fill out an app template, but in the interview we will be asking questions about your experience and such.

Any exceptional players are encouraged to contact me in game via mail or whisper if im on.

The raid times we are going for are Friday Saturday and Monday, from 7pm EST till 10pm EST. You are expected to come prepared with consumables and know the basics of the encounter. We already have strats set up so when we do start raiding the first tier, the strats will be explained. We expect people to understand that raiding is about progression and requires learning.However, we expect all our raiders to learn from there mistakes and be able to push there toon to the limits.

Contact me in game - Vaeln
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