Do your alts know each other?

70 Blood Elf Priest
I was wondering, do you play the different characters on your account in an RP realm as if they know each other?

I feel like they should, they mail each other often enough...

I have been creating a Tauren, and I was thinking about her sister and cousin, so I created their characters, and then I decided she would have a son, so I created him... will other players think it is weird if I mention the last time I spoke to my sister, and my worries about my son's upcoming battle, when these two characters are actually played by one person?
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90 Draenei Shaman
It's actually very common. I have a few related characters and I know a few others who do as well.

I also used to have two characters in the same guild who would know each other by being in it. I made them hate each other so much that they couldn't be in the same room together. It was a fun way to explain it. XD
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55 Undead Death Knight
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Yep, hunter and this guy are brothers, and my three other main toons are good friends of thiers (tho one is the "future version" aka hes the death knight version of my warrior, my warrior fell in the fall of Quel'Thalas)
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
Yes, they do. But only through the guild they are all members in. Otherwise, they would never meet or know of each other's existence. I don't mail stuff between them unless someone's getting the axe...getting deleted.
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99 Worgen Priest
Coris and treidies(my brothers toon) know eachother but Trendis and Coris don't know eachother at all.
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Ya I like to think that all my characters, if not being friends, have at least crossed paths at some point. I sometimes like to make up little stories in which two or more of my characters would be involved; for instance, I did the 85 version of the Theramore scenario as both Hadhan here and my worgen dk so I figure they probably met up there and teamed up to help drive the Horde back out.
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87 Blood Elf Paladin
Most of them do, even my Horde Blood Elf Hunter and Night Elf Death Knight on my main realm do. But not all do, I mean of course my Blood Elf Paladin isn't going to know my Pandaren Monk on Pandaria.

Otherwise, yes.
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90 Human Paladin
Once upon a time this character knew my warlock alt, but after a long hiatus from RP and a few realm/faction transfers I've retconned that out. There really isn't any way I can realistically ever have them both interact so I decided that my alts simply don't know each other. They may hear about one another from other people, but alas they are never destined to meet.
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78 Human Priest
All my alts either know each other or know of each other - my main hunter is this character's older sister, while my Worgen and Dawrf are bestfriends with my priest, who is friends with a paladin her age and an older mage that is actually a warlock (and the Paladin's older brother) XD Recently introduced to the group is a young mute rouge who keeps and eye on my priest (she's a trouble-magnet)
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70 Blood Elf Priest

Good to know I'm not alone :) Now I just need to finish their backgrounds...
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100 Worgen Rogue
It depends entirely on the character, and what I do with them. Several of my characters were once all in the same guild when I played Horde-side; those characters were all at the very least acquainted, though some characters became closer friends than others.

I also have a number of characters that are related by blood, and one of my characters is Jonathan Harmarth's (this guy here) ex-fiance. They don't talk much these days.

Of course, I also have completely separate characters that don't know any of them. My monk, a Night elf druid I no longer play...

Once in a while, I'll imagine various past connections between the unrelated ones, but they'll rarely make into the characters' individual canon.
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29 Draenei Shaman
My characters are at least friends, and if they are of the same race, they are related

eg, my human pally and my warlock are sisters

Kass has a twin sister which is my draenei pally

my blood elf dk (she was killed when her daughters were teenagers) is the mother of my blood elf hunters and aunt to my pally
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100 Worgen Warlock
Indeed! A little nice to know others do this. One of my alts is actually the twin brother to this guy. Poor Cal...Ruggard ended up burning the entire family to the ground. So...they don't really talk to each other a lot.
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87 Blood Elf Hunter
Clawhan and Vul'Kujin knew each other and fought alongside each other a few times, Harold Hammersmith will probably know Xaquindias soon, and Enion knew all of my alts, Alliance AND Horde, oddly enough XD
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90 Night Elf Hunter
My Forsaken Warlock and Blood Elf Mage are friends, and frequently correspond via letter. My Dwarf Priest and my main (this character) know *of* each other but haven't met yet. My Draenei Warrior thinks she's too good to talk to the poor non-draenei slobs on this puny rock. My Pandaren Rogue just arrived in Stormwind and is too busy running around gawking at her new surrounding to talk to anyone.
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
HELL YES. The Silentsong sisters, Sidereusa, Garcara, and Varanae. The Starstrikers, Drinna and Meluma. Then... idk. I guess my ally characters could all be buddies.
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100 Night Elf Hunter
All of my characters know each other in some form of other. Two of them are related to each other.
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90 Undead Priest
My previous main (Antefex) is the uncle of Dandrison. Once he discovered Dandrison had been raised as an undead (and then freed from his bonds) he began sending him gear. Even now, when Dandrison sends mail to Antefex, he addresses it "Uncle". I do have an Orc Death Knight alt that is completely out of the family. He had crossed paths with Antefex previously, but other than a passing familiarity there's no correspondence.
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90 Night Elf Druid
I play this way, I created a Trial account and use both my main and trial at the same time, I role play two best friends that go on various adventures accross Azeroth, riding together in a motorcycle or flying on a two person rocket through vast dangerous terrains. Evidently I come to the conclusion were one of the friends needs to take a pooter and the other friend helps him by whiping it for him with his left hand. I doubt people would perceive us weird but I love this playstyle. RP for life!!!!!
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