Friendship is Magic is looking to fill our last spot for 10 man raiding MoP Content . We are looking for a Holy Pally that is willing to make raids on a consistent basis and that will be ready to raid in 2-3 weeks. Past raiding experience is preferred. Raiding schedule will be two nights a week from 7-10 server time on Tuesday with the second day tentatively being Monday.

We are first and foremost a small casual social guild that is built upon a tight knit group of friends. Atmosphere is typically laid back, but we take a serious approach when it comes to raiding. We don't want to waste anyone's time. Our core group has been raiding since vanilla and are very experienced raiders ourselves.

As far as loot goes to any interested holy paladin, He/she will receive all plate healing gear that is dropped, and will be 1 of 3 on the pally/priest/lock tier token.

If interested, please feel free to contact myself on Pbob, Pbe, or Peeb. You can also contact Mitch, Reemer, or Monstakush.