What does everybody think about Mop?

90 Human Priest
Just curious
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90 Night Elf Druid
I'm like a kid in a candy store. I don't know what to try out next. ^.^
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86 Human Priest
dunno, kinda wierd for me. I do bg's a lot and had one literally pummel me, one roll past me and another stun slapped me.

I did roll one up to try it (Pandarian Priest, Holy) and having the whatever stun/interrupt they give is awesome combined with chastise.

honestly I'm still getting used to them, the back story they do have is a bit wierd.
If they're on a Turtle wandering...isn't there any chance we'd have seen hints of them ingame?

Seriously, how can you miss something like that on a ship?

When someone told me there was a Nessie in the tram tunnels, I was like ...'yeah right'.
But, I did see it.

Now this floating monster turtle thing....I dunno. I know I've seen huge dragon bones in the ocean. (think of the distance between the fishing trainer in Elwynn going to the profession trainer's wagon in the village...that's a big Wyrm...then DW showed up and I went 'whoa' again)

but really...How do you miss a floating continent though?
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86 Human Priest
I am hoping that the company DOES open up more of their story and history. (It's lacking a lot of scrolls, materials or books on the continent)

I don't have the archaeology profession, but I can imagine there'd be some real cool stuff in there.
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
I prefer swiffer.
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100 Blood Elf Mage
There is plenty of Lore on Pandaria, Just gotta know were to look. I am really enjoying it so far, the questing is the best it's ever been and story <3. Pet battles are a nice Distraction but I think some people are becoming really obsessed lol. I haven't done any PVP yet not that I did before anyways. I'm really looking forward to the challenge mode dungeons once I get geared up.
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90 Tauren Shaman
I absolutely love it.

- I feel like my class is more robust and useful than it ever has been, and enhance has finally had no fewer than four major spec flaws fixed.
- I think Blizz finally put some incredible music in every zone, and it's serene and relaxing just to quest/level/farm/etc.
- Professions feel much smoother and there is better access to raw mats.
- Gearing up to heroic dungeon level/entry raid-level gear is super easy, if you run enough times. And, by super-easy, I mean you don't have to spend countless wipes on heroic dungeon bosses, until everyone across all realms learns how to not stand in stuff, like at the beginning of Cata.
- Raid boss encounters feel like they have a good level of challenge, so as not to be Dragon Soul faceroll jokes.
- Unlimited dailies = win.
- 15 min or less random dungeon queues for dps = win.
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