Moving too much?

While it's not very fun or exciting having a slow tank, while leveling alts I've noticed tanks that just don't stop pulling. Last night in BFD I had a tank that kept trying to pull way more than he could handle, but cause it's an early dungeon people just dont care, so he was prancing around and it was impossible to hit anything. Also because if they did stop, they would have died because of the amount of mobs. On my DK in BC dungeons I steal aggro trying to keep up with erratic tanks like this who stop, hit, move, repeat. On my second druid I sometimes get complaints that I'm not pulling fast enough, and when I do pull more someone gets feared into more mobs so...
I think the only character I don't really mind this ants-in-pants tank is my warlock because I can DD while moving. On this druid I think I pull at a decent pace, but I know most of the dungeons by now. I just dislike just because people think the lower content is so much easier that they shouldn't stop at all. I don't think this makes the run any faster at all, it annoys melee DDs and brings mob out of targetted aoes (rain of fire, death and decay, etc.)
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90 Undead Priest
This is why I have a macro for tanking. It explains that I'm pulling at my own pace and I don't care about how fast you want to run the dungeon. They can boot me if they want. Normally there's not enough people to care :D.
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It's a defense mechanism to guard against dps pulling ahead of the tank.
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85 Human Warlock
Honestly, if the healer has mana I want the tank to pull fast
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Yes, who cares if the tank is learning to tank, new to the dungeon, or just not a hyperactive ADHD chain-puller, they should do what you want right?
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100 Human Warrior
I pull as long as the healer has sufficient mana.

If they do need mana, I /sit to let the healer know that they have earned a break, and to signal to the dps that we are not just chain pulling 24/7/365
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90 Night Elf Warrior
09/30/2012 09:47 PMPosted by Anlomar
It's a defense mechanism to guard against dps pulling ahead of the tank.

I watch my Healer's Mana and make sure (s)he's in range....

Good/Good = PULL!~!!
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68 Pandaren Monk
I pull successively larger packs for the first part of the dungeon to make sure the healer is keeping up. I don't care about my DPS member's performance. I have yet to do less than 50% of damage in a dungeon while leveling this monk. So if you aren't there or can't hit I'll just pick up the slack.

We're all just getting to max level as fast as we can, anyhow. I am very nice about my dungeon experience, and am not mean to people. But if the healer can keep up I am going to chain pull the whole instance walking backward.
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