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/cast resurrection
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All these things happen. Just get in sports car
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^this is happening i have to epic of a name change in mind to not make it so. <3

working on getting Vil to start playing here again he still has a pally here so who knows :)
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I was in Shinra Inc over 2 years ago, way back in WotLK. I was not around for Cataclysm. Low and behold, I returned, and my friend promptly says "transfer to Shadowmoon", and I did.

Granted, it was short-sighted to transfer so quickly.

Is Shinra Inc even still around? Inquiring mind wants to know.

EDIT: I don't read very well... Hai Ochu!
Edited by Shiilo on 10/11/2012 11:23 AM PDT
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SHIILO!!!!!!!!!!!! aww man vil is gonna poop himself

nah man shinra kinda died after cata im still here and a couple others.

rinku is on mannoroth
hood and eda arent playing but im trying to convince them panda doesnt suck
vil is on lightninghoof i think but hes gonna xfer soon probs. not sure where

its pretty much me tabby pond and berdie still on the server :(


miss u bud hit me up in game

i do still have the guild :) when i get ochu to 90 ima lvl my pally and see if i can get it started again
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i totally still have dumples phone number :)
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Oh sweet, I'm on Shadowmoon now with Zeth. Maybe, just MAYBE I can convince him to transfer back - if we do. I'd totally transfer back if the cool kids all got back together. Just my paladin is transferred, my hunter and shaman are broke, but they're still on Darrowmere.

Keep me (or us) posted on how things go. I'll keep an eye on this for now.

I'll see if I can find you in-game in a bit.

I missed playing with you guys after a while. I can't remember anyone's names. I don't even remember Vil's names anymore - I'm trying to recall his DK's name, but I just can't - it was an Undead female, that's for sure. I did remember the guild name and a few of the easier names though, lol.

I didn't play Cata because it looked kinda meh, and even blowing through 80 to 85, it was still meh. I'm quite satisfied with MoP so far. I've really just been goofing around with Pet Battles and plowing through Archaeology - I think it's at 415 or something - I started it a couple nights ago.
Edited by Shiilo on 10/11/2012 3:50 PM PDT
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my play time is random atm but im sure ull see me on at some point ya vil only has his pally on the server never plays it though. <33 miss u to bud

ya i quit for cata just didnt feel it im still iffy on panda land but its alright so far
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I've dedicated most of my play-time to my paladin. I'm on it a lot usually.

Where did Vil transfer his other characters to?

EDIT: I still can't read. Vil is on Lightninghoof now? Interesting how we all kinda went our seperate ways, or so it seems. Well, I really hope something comes of this because I don't like PvP servers (Zeth knows this), and I really don't like being in a guild full of our alts and there's no chat to be seen... forever, lol. That and I don't quite want to look for a raiding guild here.

EDIT again: I looked at the AH a little on Darrowmere with my hunter - I deleted my crossbow by accident) - I was looking for a weapon and there was pretty much nothing up there - I don't know for any other items. So maybe if this does happen we find somewhere that isn't so desolate, for lack of better words, or maybe I'm just not seeing much activity on the server. I knew it crashed and burned when the server was changed to PvE, We were there, but dang, what I saw (or lackthereof) was kinda disheartening.

Again again: Waidaminute...Tearzz is Vil's paladin isn't it? Lulz, I fail so hard.
Edited by Shiilo on 10/11/2012 6:03 PM PDT
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Oh! I just remembered! I know Vil as Roonah.



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@shiiloh, not sure how long you've been off realm but darrow is now heavy alliance favored. If you're looking for more activity ally side here is the way to go. Horde side is about as dead as can be. Hopefully you guys can get some people to come back here. It would be a refreshing change from the usual, people leaving..
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I keep forgetting it's been almost 3 years since I quit and came back. It was particularly dead in Dalaran when I was on my hunter - granted, it was 2am so, who knows.

As best I can recall: A ton of people left the server when it was switched to PvE. It was so bad that one single person could take over Wintergrasp by themselves, and at one point I remember a decent-sized group destroying every single wall of the keep for the lols before taking the orb.
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oh man soloing wg good times, think me and runa 2 manned it 3 times in a row one night b4 ne one else showed up ally or otherwise

also runa doesnt really go on forums shiilo :(
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