The Order is a 2 Team 10-man guild created for end game content raiding.

The Order is progression oriented guild that also likes to have fun. We are not a hardcore guild but are focused on end game content. Currently starting recruitment for Mists of Pandaria to fill in some gaps in our roster, accepting raiders, casuals and people just looking for a home. Any questions feel free to contact the officers listed below. We currently employ a combination of roll and loot council for our loot system, in which those who actually put forth the effort in furthering the guild are supported. Gear will also be awarded based on best upgrade to best help the whole vs an individuals dps/heals/etc.

The Order raids Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7-10:30 server with a second raid group expected to raid Tuesdays and Thursdays.

What we are currently LF is Druid, Shaman, and Monk Healers to fill spots in our 10 man groups.

You can apply at our website:

or contact Sindura, Dandriel, Arastik, Slimer, or Cloudstriffe via in game email.

Must have experience on the class and have raided before.

Thanks, Dandriel