merciless is a 10m guild who are looking for dedicated played to start raiding in Mists of Pandaria. We are running 2 10 man teams group 1 which runs on Saturday and Sunday and group 2 that runs on Wednesday Friday and Monday

we have been around since early cata clearing out 10m raids, we are all looking forward to raiding in mists and seeing what this expansion is going to throw at us. We are a relaxed raiding guild who just want to have some fun and raid. we are also after casuals and levelers as well

we are currently recruiting all classes for MoP raiding hopefully starting this week if numbers are there.

mainly after

grp 2
1 healer
1 melee dps (non-leather)
1 hunter
2 mage/lock/spriest

raid times are all server time
wed: 730-1030pm
fri: 730-1030 pm
mon: 730-1030 pm

shoots danava/osiris/ or myself a pm in game if interested and we can give some more info if needed :) thanks for looking at merciless